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Cane Creek Aerohead Deal(5 posts)

Cane Creek Aerohead DealChooch5014
May 6, 2003 7:38 PM
I am just curious about the strength of these wheels. LBS says that even the spoke count is low, the way they are manufactured will create a strong rim that will be able to handle my weight. I weigh 220 an I am worried about blowing these things to pieces. I just love the deals on these wheels and want some information that you people can offer.
re: Cane Creek Aerohead DealNessism
May 6, 2003 8:37 PM
Riding friend just picked up a set of these. They seem well made for the most part. Rim is a standard Velocity Aerohead so that's nothing fancy and the hubs look reasonably nice.

Honestly, for the money I would rather have a nice set of DA hubs laced to Aeroheads using the spokes of my choosing. The CC hubs seem OK but not as nice as DA in my opinion.

re: Cane Creek Aerohead Dealrussw19
May 6, 2003 8:43 PM
I am your size if not bigger. I had a pair of these wheels last year (The Team Ti's) and I just got a pair of the Volos Team Ti's. In my own personal opinion based on personal expirience with these and about every other wheelset on the market... there is not a better wheel available than this for under $1000. Right now if you look for the good deals, you can get the stainless spoked version for about $350 and the Ti spoked version for about $500. At that price, get them. There are no better wheels on the market! I rode my Aeroheads for about 10,000 miles last year before selling them and I never trued them once. They are about as perfect a design as I have ever seen, and your weight is not going to be a factor as long as you ride in a reasonable manner. If you jump curbs, no matter what you weigh, you will kill wheels.. but if you don't ride thru potholes and such, these wheels will be the best thing you buy this year for your bike.

re: Cane Creek Aerohead DealChooch5014
May 7, 2003 12:32 PM
Thanks all for the replies. Russ, that was the info I was looking for. I appreciate all the good info that you contribute to these boards.
Just out of curiosity, what is the weight difference between the DA/Aeroheads and Cane Creek Aeroheads?
re: Cane Creek Aerohead Dealrussw19
May 7, 2003 1:22 PM
The weight of DA/Aeroheads depends on the spokes and the lacing pattern.. but I have found numbers as low as 1750 grams for 32 spoke with Sapim DB spokes and alloy nipples to as high as 1990 grams for DT spokes and alloy nipples... I think it is dependent on who is asked. I looked the weights up on a few webpages and found 3 different numbers all within that range.

Claimed weight on the Cane Creeks is 1526 for the Ti spokes and 1644 for stainless double butted. But to really be fair, the weights of a 24 front, 28 rear would have to be compared to a DA/Aerohead build. All I found info on was a standard 32 spoke build... so the numbers will be artificially high. But that's a ball park of what you are looking at. The Ti spoked wheels are light... very light in fact... there isn't too much available that can beat it. Not in it's price range. And if you can find and afford them, the Ti spoke wheels ride very nice. They are stiff feeling for sprinting and climbing out of the saddle, but never harsh (at least not for guys our size) and they hold true. Ti spokes can be tensioned very high and that allows the added stiffness to the wheels. And because they run straight pull spokes you don't have the problem of Ti spokes failing at the J bend. That's the most common place for a spoke to break, but a higher percentage of Ti spokes break there than stainless do. Eliminate that bend and the spokes go from problematic (read some reviews... you will see this) to trouble free (read reviews on the CC Aeroheads.) Also, speaking of reviews... if you do look for reviews on the Cane Creeks, look at the dates of the reviews... Cane Creek used to use a no-name spoke company to supply their Ti spokes... in late 2001 they switched to Marwi/Union spokes and that greatly improved the strength of the wheels (at least that's the story I got from a rep.)

Hope this helps you out.