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Newbie Question on buying bike(2 posts)

Newbie Question on buying bikechanhoward
May 5, 2003 9:15 PM
Hi, I am from a mountain bike background. For some time, I have been thinking of getting a roadbike"got the roadbike bug" now-smile
As I have been riding a titanium MTB hardtail, I would also like to go for for a Ti Roadbike, or a least a steel frame.
Recently saw a Specialized Allez bike, the components(are quite good for the price) and good price, seem something within my budget.
I figure out that the Specialized Allez is a cheap way to try out an Aluminium frame, maybe a good first road bike?
Question: Should I go for the Specialized Allez or wait longer and save up for a Ti?
Also can I fit my MTB crank on a road bike? I plan to go triple on my roadbike
Please advice
Thanks all
How big an issue is money?cory
May 6, 2003 6:50 AM
I'm not particularly an aluminum fan, but the Allez is a decent bike, and it will probably equal most Ti frames in real riding. Grant Petersen at Rivendell (all steel all the time) insists the material isn't as important as the geometry, the care in construction and the stuff you hang on the frame, and in my experience he's right. You may be getting into one of those situations where 40 percent more money gets you 5 percent more performance.
Regarding the triple--good choice, I think. If more people looked at the gears they actually RIDE in, I think we'd see more triples. But can't you order an Allez with one? It's got lame gearing, about 53/39/30, but I think you can still get it