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Thomson stem + Al steer tube slipping, getting loose...(4 posts)

Thomson stem + Al steer tube slipping, getting loose...Spunout
May 5, 2003 6:25 AM
I'm using a Thomson road stem on my Lemond Zurich, Icon fork with aluminum steerer (all stock).

Long rides over the West Quebec cobbles(okay, potholes) results in my headset coming loose. I realize the top-cap pressure isn't going to hold this together, only the stem bolts must provide support.

I have to date: Degreased the surfaces, re-assembled, cleaned, etc.

Thomson suggests: Get the headset checked for alignment (parallel faces) as this will distribute loads better from the bumps and vibrations. I have not done this yet. Is this my next step?

I do not have a torque wrench, but 48 inch-pounds(per Thomson) is very firm in my book. I've cranked them pretty good. I've ordered a new set of bolts, because all this work is wearing them out and I'd rather have new than worn.

Any suggestions helpful.. the hidden clamp system is very sweet, silent, but is it strong? It is the same as an MTB stem, so should be a robust system.


Hey mike!the bull
May 5, 2003 3:13 PM
Try to torque it! I was quite suprised when I went back over mine(deda newton)how really really tight it was supposed to be!Also roughen up the surface on steerer tube with sand paper(fine grit).I would not mess with the stem surface I think the thompson is coated.Do you have a set of calipers you can check to see if the cups were even pretty quick by measuring 4 sides.
Thanks, will do a re-build. Maybe new headset...Spunout
May 5, 2003 5:14 PM
Cane creek s2, what a water magnet! Seats on both bearings are badly corroded. I cleane them up and packed them, but a Chorus headset will be on my list.

Aside, I've got more problems with the cap pulling through the stem (see new thread!).
As you may know!the bull
May 5, 2003 5:19 PM
I probally sound like a tape recorder but...
Chris King headsets are the best!They last forever!
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