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Chirping Pulleys(2 posts)

Chirping Pulleysf5trthnarapdape
May 4, 2003 4:25 PM
I have cleaned, and greased my derailleur pulley's a few times..they're spotless, and still squeak. This bike is only a year old. Any suggestions?..the pulleys dont look long do they last?
you've greased the bushings?jw25
May 5, 2003 11:27 AM
If they're Shimano pulleys, and depending on the model of derailleur, you might just need a drop of oil on the seals. These dry out fairly quickly, even after a rebuild, and will squeak something awful.
Just so we're clear, by cleaned and regreased, you are talking about the bearings or bushings, right? Crud on the outside doesn't make much difference, but dry bearings or bushings will make a lot of noise.
The upper pulley typically uses a ceramic bushing, so it can float a mm or 2, to ease shifting. This is sealed by 2 metal shields with rubber seals. The seals need a drop of oil to silence them, but the bushing wants some thick waterproof grease.
The lower pulley can be a bushing or a sealed bearing. The seamed bearing will have metal shields on the sides, held together by a thin tube. These can be pried off with a thin screwdriver. This should reveal the rubberized seals of the bearing cartridge, which can be carefullt pried off with a very thin screwdriver or a hobby knife.
Once you have both pulleys disassembled, I like to drop everything into a small widemouth jar filled with hot water and Simple Green. Close tightly, shake for 30 seconds or so, pour off the water and repeat. Then rinse the parts in hot water, wipe off any water and any residue that escaped the solvent, and regrease with waterproof grease.
That should solve the squeaking.