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Stupid Q, new SLR Carbon, how uncomfortable?(3 posts)

Stupid Q, new SLR Carbon, how uncomfortable?jjdbike
May 1, 2003 4:45 PM
I know its a stupid question, but does anyone use that SLR Carbon only (no cover 125 g), & if so it it a torcher devise?
re: According to the guy on OLN...JL
May 2, 2003 4:42 AM
last night, it's not meant for someone who sits a lot. His quote (not exact) was, "It's for guys who are riding Hors Categorie climbing stages and don't expect to sit much."

Didn't look too comfortable when he showed it.

Happy riding.

re: Stupid Q, new SLR Carbon, how uncomfortable?wolfereeno
May 3, 2003 5:47 PM
I sat on the padded, cut out version tonight. Seemed similar to the max flight transam, and cut out flight saddles I have and like. But the bike was on a trainer and I was wearing jeans. I'm considering ordering one and seeing what it's like over time.