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pop / click noise coming from my CAAD6?(3 posts)

pop / click noise coming from my CAAD6?brains
May 1, 2003 4:14 PM
Looking for some advice on how to locate this pop-corn popping noise that developes when out of the sadle. Its usually in time with the pedal strokes. I think its coming from the cranks. I cleaned the chainrings and replaced the bolts and tightened down. I cleaned and tightened the crank arm bolts. I can reproduce the noise when I set the cranks parrallel to the ground and press on the drive side crank arm while holding the bike in place. Click with presure and click upon release. Any suggestions? Sorry for the cross post. Thanks in advance.
Cassette!(torqued to 40-50 nm)NMthe bull
May 1, 2003 4:42 PM
re: pop / click noise coming from my CAAD6?EdSned
May 2, 2003 12:03 AM
I had exactly clicking/popping noise - I spent ages examining the BB & cranks etc, but on advice from posters here, looked at my wheels/skewers. I've got Ksyriums, and found a) loosening the silver bearing cover slightly (if you have K's), b) greasing the drop-outs a little and c) making sure the skewer faces were clean, well seated & really tightly done up. Hasn't completely gone away, but its a million times better.
worth a try as its free!