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Flight Deck compatibility with 105 shifters(4 posts)

Flight Deck compatibility with 105 shiftersratherbsking
May 1, 2003 3:31 PM
i am wondering weather or not to buy a flight deck computer. I read on the shimano website that only some functions (no cadence or gears) are available on 105-ST-5500 shifters but everything works on 105-ST-5500-C levers.

the problem is i don't know which 105 i have because the # under the hoods say ST-5500 but the actual levers say "flight deck" on them which i take to mean as fully compatible? Also have a friend in the same situation with ultegra shifters that don't say "flight deck" on them.

Does anyone know how to tell the difference between 105-ST-5500 and 105-ST-5500-C shifters??

Try this:Spoke Wrench
May 1, 2003 5:23 PM
Peel back your hoods. The Flite Deck compatible ones have a trapazoid shape plastic cover that is held on with two tiny phillips screws. (The inner screw is kind of hard to find.) If you remove the cover, you will find an electronic interface. Since your lever say "Flite Deck" on them, I'm betting you'll find the interface too.

The same is likely true of your friend's Ultegras. No "Flite Deck" on the levers, no interface inside.
May 2, 2003 6:02 PM
thanks for the advice!
it worked
The next trick is getting the right sensor harness.Spoke Wrench
May 3, 2003 5:13 AM
Look at your brake hoods.

If your right hood has two little button bumps, you need harness SM-6500.

If each brake hood has one little button bump, you can use either SM-6500RS (wired), or SM-6501 (wireless to the fork).

Many riders prefer having one button on each brake lever because you are less apt to accidentally stop all of the trip functions. If your levers have two bumps on the right hood, you can easily convert it by installing new, one button hoods.