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Carbon Steerer - Amount of spacers??(7 posts)

Carbon Steerer - Amount of spacers??fliparagon
May 1, 2003 8:59 AM
I know this topic has been asked but I just wanted some clarification..

I'm about to mount a Reynolds Ouzo pro on my Lemond 57cm frame. It's the integrated headset design. I emailed Lemond tech support regarding the proper steerer tube length and this is what they replied with:

'Your new carbon fork should have these specs: [Swenson, Steve] (length 276mm steerer tube size [Swenson, Steve] 1 1/8 , and rake [Swenson, Steve] 43, a 44 or 45 will be fine. )'

Now, with that length of steerer tube, the amount of spacers underneath my stem will be over the 1.5" I've seen discussed. The steerer tube length Lemond tech support recommended matches the alloy fork I currently have on the bike. Does anyone have any hard numbers for the max # of spacers? If I am limited to the 1.5" of spacers underneath, can I compensate for the resulting lower bar positioning by flipping my stem (currently 100mm, 100 degree stem)? Or, did Lemond tech support take this into consideration?

re: Carbon Steerer - Amount of spacers??LC
May 1, 2003 9:36 AM
You can flip the stem or even replace the stem with more rise without any ill effects. The only thing you got to worry about is making the shifter or brake cable too short.
Proper steering tube length?C-40
May 1, 2003 9:59 AM
Your post is not clear. If you are using a stem with a 100 degree angle, it is already "flipped" for maximum height. The other angle for this stem is 80 degrees, which would lower the bars by 2.5-3.0cm.

1.5 inches of spacers would be the absolute maximum that the manufacturer would recommend, and a lot more than I would ever use. If you really need more handlebar height, you should get a 73(or -17) degree stem and flip it to raise the bars by another 2-3cm. The stem length would also need to be increased to 120mm to maintain the same horizontal reach.

Exactly what bar height are you trying to achieve?
Proper steering tube length?fliparagon
May 1, 2003 10:22 AM
Thanks for the replies. Whoops, my mistake regarding the degree (I always assumed the number greater than 90 degrees meant the stem was angled down).

As for bar height, I would like to maintain the same height and reach it currently is at. Once again, the stem is 100mm long and set at 80 degrees. From what your stating c-40, in order to maintain the same horizontal reach I, would need to obtain a longer stem (120mm)? So if went ahead and flipped my 100mm stem which would be at a lower position due to the fewer spacers on the carbon sterrer versus the alloy steerer, the horizontal reach would be affected?

Thanks again,
Proper steering tube length?Juanmoretime
May 1, 2003 12:11 PM
Reynold recommends a maximum stack height on the spacers of 35 mm. An inch and halfwould be slightly over this by 3 mm. I think you would be safe going the 1 & 1/2"'s. The stem police may argue and point their fingers at you.
here's what to do...C-40
May 1, 2003 3:49 PM
Flipping the stem will raise it 2.5 to 3cm, but the reach of the stem would be about 1cm less. If you remove 3cm of spacers, then the bar will be at the same height, and stem will move forward about 1cm as it is moved down the steering tube.

In other words, flip the stem, remove 2.5-3.0cm of spacer and the reach and height will be about the same as before. No new stem required. Verify this by measuring the height from the floor to the top (or center)of the bars and by measuring from the saddle nose to the center of the bars. You should measure very little change in height or reach.
here's what to do...fliparagon
May 1, 2003 4:24 PM
Thanks C-40!

Now, let me tell you about this problem with my saddle....

Just kidding. Thanks again.