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Poorly shifting 7-speed rear(4 posts)

Poorly shifting 7-speed rearctheronj
May 1, 2003 8:33 AM
I have a '92 c-dale with RX-100 7-spd drivetrain, and recently have been having trouble with the rear derailleur; the spring is too weak to shift to the smallest cogs. Usually I can get it to go all the way if I shift up to about the 3rd-largest cog, then "slam" it down, using inertia in my favor. Otherwise it makes it to only the 2nd highest cog at best. I have tried flushing out the derailleur with WD 40, to no avail. Although I would like to upgrade to 9-speed components, I'm not really excited about buying a new cassette, hub, shifters, derailleur (OK, if I had the money I would be). Is there another fix, or is there someplace where I could still find an old 7-speed road derailleur that would be compatible?

No worries. Derailleurs aren'tOldEdScott
May 1, 2003 10:14 AM
really 7-speed or 8-speed or 9-speed. Just buy any Shimano derailleur and it will work (unless you have some kind of weird MTB cassette on the back with a 34-T cog or something, which I don't believe you do).
Check cables first.... here's howDaveLobster
May 1, 2003 5:52 PM
While I won't say it isn't your rear derailleur, the cables seem a more likely culprit.

You can check by disconnecting the cable altogether and "shifting" by moving the derailleur by hand to the larger cogs. Let go of the derailluer and see if it goes into the small gears. If it shifts to the small gears well without the cable, than it's not the derailleur.

Hopefully that will be the extent of the problem. Cables are cheap.-Dave
Cables OK, I was mainly worried about indexed shiftingctheronj
May 2, 2003 9:46 PM
I actually disconnected the cable as one of my first checks, even though they (and the housings) were recently replaced. I was mainly concerned about the indexed shifting somehow not working between 7 speed shifters and 9 speed derailleurs, I'm glad that it will work. I couldn't find any info on it at my local library, and my LBS and I have had sour relations ever since I took the bike in for an overhaul -- a few weeks later I noticed the rear hub was loose, opened it up, and found new grease/bearings only on one side!! Thanks for all the help here, you guys are great.