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Time to upgrade?(4 posts)

Time to upgrade?Lone Gunman
Apr 28, 2003 5:36 PM
My triple ultegra equipped 1999 Lemond Z is showing signs of wear and tear. Got play in the bb in the spindle/axle, shifting is not 100%, and the fd cable connector bolt stripped out and is out of service so I'm using a 105 in it's place.

In searching about for parts I found a net shopping comparison service that indicates Jenson is my cheapest route to DA nirvana. What I already have is a newer Ultegra cassette and the Ultegra crank which may only need a middle 39 tooth chainring to work like new.

I need STI's, bb, F&R derailleur and a sram chain. Will the new DA stuff be compatable with the Ultegra chainrings or is there a spacing concern with the Ultegra vs DA crank/chainrings? Seems I read a blurb about early triple DA rings not working correctly? The DA crank is $250!! The rings are roughly $55 each and I only need one as the current 30 and 52 get far less wear than the 42 on there now. Thinking about going to a 39, is there a 39 that works for a triple Ultegra or do I need a DA triple 39 tooth ring and will it fit on an Ultegra crank if I need to go DA 39t ring?

Do I need a DA bb, is it splined like the 6500 Ultegra crank? Is there that much difference between the Ultegra vs DA bb other than weight? Is this where the durability factor kicks in for DA? I could be riding DA for about $470 if I don't need a crank and can make the 39t ring work on the Ultegra, otherwise about $660 with a DA crank.

Lastly, I got the bike PCed and painted last fall, about $300 paint job so buying a new bike with DA is not an option, I like what I have.
re: Time to upgrade?kenyonCycleist
Apr 28, 2003 5:54 PM
ultegra rings will work w/ DA..i sometimes run a 52t ultegra ring w/ no trouble. the ultegra BB is also compatible and some even recommend it over the DA b/c it a totally sealed mech unlike the DA which comes apart so the bearing can be serviced. also the 39 should fit, but i dunno how it will affect the shifting for cranks check ebay..i just got meself a brand new 2003 DA crankset for $110.oo
Check that 39 !Steve Bailey
Apr 28, 2003 6:06 PM
I cannot remember where I read this, but I seem to recall the DA 39 on the triple is a different BCD then 130. Note that I'm also not certain of this, but best to check.

If so, TA makes 39's with ramps, not cheap at $50 or so though...

Steve B.
Did the big FLUSH on the right leverLone Gunman
Apr 29, 2003 2:05 PM
Used Brakeclean, a degreaser used for car brakes and such. All sorts of black gook flushed out so I will see if shifting is improved. If not it is time to upgrade, just a question of what I want to do about the crank/bb situation. It has to happen sometime, now may be the time to do it.