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Does Conti make 700x28 tires similar to the GP3000?(4 posts)

Does Conti make 700x28 tires similar to the GP3000?Matno
Apr 28, 2003 12:14 PM
I'm thinking of getting a 28mm rear tire for my upcoming tour with panniers. I know the front of my C'dale won't fit a 28, but the rear will, and that's where the extra weight is going to be anyway. (Actually, the front will just fit a 28, but it's a tight enough fit that heavy road grit - like sand - rubs the fork occasionally). If possible, I'd like to get something that matches my grey tread, but it's not my top priority. Folding would be nice - I don't want a super heavy tire since I'll be trying to save weight everywhere else. The Conti website only lists 23 and 25mm tires for a lot of their road models, but I swear I've seen bigger somewhere!
Ultra 2000 folding come in 28 mm width.Dale Brigham
Apr 28, 2003 1:29 PM

That's the tire I have used for PBP and other randos and brevets. I think they are the closest to the GP3000 in Conti's line available in a 28 (I could be wrong about this). They are good tires for all-round training and touring, IMHO.

Just FYI, the 700 X 28 Contis (Ultra 2000 and Sport 1000) I have used, mounted on Mavic Open Pros, measure out to about 26 mm width by my calipers, so clearance may not be as much of a problem front and rear as you anticipate (not sure if you have already tried Contis in this size). They actually are only a bit larger than the 25 X 700 Contis, which as I recall spec out at about 24 mm width. (I don't have wheels, tires, and calipers in front of me right now, so I might be off 1-2 mm on these measurements.)

Hope this helps!

Apr 28, 2003 11:03 PM
I have both 25 and 28 ultra 2000's on open pro rims and there is very little size difference, except a noticeable weight gain. Doesn't make the ride any smoother or longer mileage by going to a 28 either. Ultra 2000's aren't GP3000's but they are good training tires and long-lived.
Apr 29, 2003 7:34 AM
I'll look into the Conti's. I found a couple of places that have larger sizes listed. (I even found a couple that said they had 28mm GP3000's! Could be a typo, but then, I know Conti doesn't list all sizes on their website for some reason!)

I actually have an older set of Conti Grand Sport tires in 700x28, and those are the ones that rubbed in the front. There is quite bit more clearance in the back, but there's hardly any in the front (even with a 23mm tire there's not all that much room).