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Ultegra Vs. 105(4 posts)

Ultegra Vs. 105ringroadwarrior
Apr 28, 2003 6:13 AM
Can anyone tell me if there is any real marked advantage of having Ultegra over 105 other than just asthetic value?
I have had a lot of people tell me that there really is not enough of a performance gain to justify the higher price.
I have had 105 for a while and if Ultegra reallt isn't that much better I am just going to go with the new black 105 stuff.
P.S. I am not really into bragging about what I have just riding.
I can't tell the difference.OldEdScott
Apr 28, 2003 7:13 AM
Blindfolded, I bet most people couldn't. If you're not the sensitive type, and you like the black 105, go for it.
Sure, there's a difference...Matno
Apr 28, 2003 7:16 AM
But most people won't notice it. I follow the general rule of thumb (posted by someone here recently, I can't remember who) that you can't really tell the difference between two "adjacent" component groups, but you CAN tell the difference if you go up/down TWO steps. That is, I bet you'd notice the difference if you tried Dura Ace, but Ultegra won't wow you.

Just get the 105 stuff. The black looks cool...
re: Ultegra Vs. 105jradford
May 1, 2003 8:10 AM
when I was shopping for parts for my new bike (look kg96) I looked at a 105 cassette with a Ultegra right beside it. the weight difference i could tell just by feel and if you look at the cassette there is a radical difference in how they are made. That is what sold me on my ultegra.

But I have never ridden a 105 group so this is just my opinion. The 105 black would have looked great on my bike but the price i got on my ultegra was just to good to pass up.

get what you want to buy. but when i built up my new bike I always said that I was going to put the parts on it that i wanted to so that a month down the road i would not wish i had got something else.