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Giant TCR fork weight &/or rake Please?(1 post)

Giant TCR fork weight &/or rake Please?jjdbike
Apr 27, 2003 7:05 AM
Please forgive reposting this, but I know that their are lots of TCR (&/or Team Once)riders &/or techniclly savy folks that can help me.
Can anyone please tell me the weight & or rake of the 2001 Giant Team Once carbon fiber fork? The frame is a small & is a bit tight on me. I am barley 5' 7.5" w/ a 29" inseam. The medium was too big for me. I would like to replace the fork with something a bit lighter (i.e. all carbon fiber) & would like a rake that will open up a bit more room for my feet in tight turns. The thing is I am not sure what my current specs are. Can anyone help me with these & or give me the phone # for Giant USA Please?
Thanks again!