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105 Brakes installed...please help with the cable(2 posts)

105 Brakes installed...please help with the cablet-moore
Apr 26, 2003 10:02 PM
Thanks for the reponses to my prior post about the brakes.

Starting with the rears, I went to work. When I took the cap off of the rear brake, the cable had unraveled a bit. I was unable to twist it tight enough so that it could threaded through the hole to be clamped down. One strand of wire was the holdup. I snipped it off and then was able to thread it through the hole and tighted the rear brake cable. Was clipping that one stand a mistake. It looks like that one strand of wire is trying to unwind toward the headtube. That raises the ques? How difficult is it to install new brake cables. When I took the cap off of the front brake, the cable remained tightly twisted, and I had no problem threading it and tightening it down.

On my old brakes, the cable extended an 1 1/2 inches below the allen bolt clamp. There would have been plenty of room to cut and re-crimp the brake cable. The brake cable on both fron and back brakes BARELY extends past the allen bolt clamp. Does this in itself mean I should recable the brakes. These 105 brakes are an huge improvement over the generic Trek/LeMond OEM brake calipers. There is no visable flex when I operate the front brakes now. I could see the flex with the original brake calipers. At 240lbs, I thought I was killing the OEM. I am very pleased with my upgrade....
I'd install a new cable.Spoke Wrench
Apr 27, 2003 5:29 AM
Most of the time, you can just thread the cable back through the housing under the handlebar tape without too much difficulty. Since this is obviously your first try at this, my advice is don't work blind. Get yourself a flashlight or something to look inside your brake lever as you push the old cable out so that you can see where everything goes.