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Now the BB question(2 posts)

Now the BB questionboat
Apr 24, 2003 8:49 AM
After realizing thati need a ISIS BB for my ISIS FSA crank, i have been looking around and decided on the FSA pro ti (italian) bottom bracket. So now the question that i have is that, for the installation of this BB and my carbon crankset, so i need any ISIS special tool?
re: Now the BB questionrussw19
Apr 24, 2003 9:15 AM
Nope. The Shimano splined installation tool or the Park tool for Shimano BB's will work just fine. And if you read my post about this last time.. don't be afraid to crank on those bolts... also you are gonna use the bolts that come with the BB, not the ones that came with the crank. They are gonna be different. The crank will come with 14mm bolts, the BB 15mm.

And if you have an Italian thread BB (like I do) then you got the best ISIS BB you can get. Have fun.