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good wheelset for a clydesdale?(9 posts)

good wheelset for a clydesdale?trainerjosh
Apr 23, 2003 9:13 PM
I have posted on MTBR b4, but I'm new to road bikes. I just bought a Jamis Ventura as an entry level bike. I have been advised that the factory wheelset is not strong enough for me. I am 255 pounds. I'm over 6'3" and have an athletic frame and I have been getting involved in tri's lately. My weight continues to come down, but in the meantime, I need a wheelset that will allow me to train, do some touring, and some shorter tri's. I want to be able to stand and sprint and not fold the wheel or pop a bunch of spokes. I know that no wheelset is indestructible. I found a Shimano Dura-Ace wheelset w/Open Pro Rims for $280. They're 32 hole rims. Is this a good buy? Would it suit my needs? The key with me is durability, not speed. Also, I don't know if this wheelset will work with my bike. (Are road bike wheels different sizes, do different wheels not work with certain component groups, I have to plead ignorance here) You can check the specs at . The factory wheelset is Ritchey-built deep section comps with 20 spoke radial in the front and a 24 2x in the rear. This is not for me, right? Any help would be greatly appreciated:)
re: good wheelset for a clydesdale?seyboro
Apr 24, 2003 4:31 AM
At 255, your choices for a durable wheelset are somewhat limited. I would look for a deeper rim (Mavic cxp 30, cxp 33, Ambrosio Focus, Velocity Deep V etc.). For your intended purposes, 36 to 32 spokes in the rear, 32 up front would be my choice. I have gone through quite a few very expensive factory sets (Rolf Vector Pros, Ksyrium SSCs, Zipp 404s), none withstood the test of time. Currently, I am 'training' on a set of CXP 30s(somewhat hard to find, but worth the trouble), 32h front and rear. My 'special' wheels are a set of Campagnolo Atlanta 96s, laced to Record hubs.
As for compatibility, Shimano products are not compatible with Campagnolo, unless you want to use a special conversion cassette. Wheel sizes are either 650 (mostly on TT or Tri-bikes) or 700 on all other road bikes.
re: good wheelset for a clydesdale?pitt83
Apr 24, 2003 4:37 AM
I'm 6'4 and 230. Crushed many a wheelset in my day; including open pro! I flatted a CXP along the circumference by riding over a 3/4" stick ruining that wheel. Since I went to Velocity, I don't even true them (I still check weekly and they never move)! My MTB is on Velocity with XT and, strong and reliable.

Colorado cyclist is the only place I've seen who builds them custom. Somewhere around $200 on Ultegra, higher on DA hubs. Qucikly shipped.

Not the lightest thing, but not terrible either. I'm telling you, these will suit you well!
re: good wheelset for a clydesdale?Steve Bailey
Apr 24, 2003 6:47 AM
I would guess that you're going to have the most problems with the rear wheel and would suggest a custom build by either Sheldon or Peter White. Keep the front for now until you develop problems with it.

My choice, based on Peters suggestion was a Mavix MA3 (though a deep dish as others suggested is a good choice also) in 36 spokes. The MA3 is 20mm wide - a bit wider then an Open Pro and will be stronger as a result.

Steve Bailey
Mavic Ma3 - Shimano 105 hubs - 36 spokesss-nyc
Apr 24, 2003 8:44 AM
Do not get caught up in the hype of names and model numbers of having the best. You have a very nice steel mid-level road bike so you should get nice parts to macth but do not go crazy with dura ace and the like. Just enjoy your first road bike!

Your bike has mostly Tiagra parts which are about Deore level in the MTB world (XTR=Dura Ace, XT=Ultegra, LX=105, and Deore-Tiagra). Wheels are a great place to upgrade but do not go crazy... putting Dura Ace wheels on your bike would be like putting Porsche wheels on a Yugo... silly and a waste of money! (not that your bike is a Yugo)

I am not as tall as you but I just fall into the clydesdale category and I have never been able to keep a 32 hole wheelset true whether or not it was machine or handbuilt. I would go for 36 spokes per wheel since it seems this bike is for fun and not racing.

A great wheelset that is now on sale at is a Mavic Ma3 rim with 105 hubs with 36 spokes. The rims are known as strong, durable, but not heavy and are used for training and touring bikes. The hubs are considered strong and just above the Tiagra components on the rest of your bike. Performance has a great sale on these wheels and if I needed a wheelset myself I would buy them. Normally $179 and now $109.

Hope this helps.
More on these wheels...KEN2
Apr 24, 2003 9:10 AM
These are indeed a great value and bombproof. However, I'd suggest re-truing them yourself after the first few rides, possibly tightening the spokes a little if you know what you're doing when you receive the wheelset. These are undoubtedly machine-built and they can last as long as a good set of handbuilt wheels if you pay attention to spoke tension and truing from the outset. Often machine-built are under-tensioned, and if you continue to ride them that way you will break spokes.

If you don't how to check tension and true wheels, ride them once or twice then get thee to a good LBS and pay the minor fee for a good truing and re-tensioning--it will pay off in many more trouble-free miles.
re: good wheelset for a clydesdale?trainerjosh
Apr 24, 2003 10:10 AM
Thanks for all the input. I've been doing a lot of research online and found a number of good wheelsets for $200 or less. I called the guy at my LBS expressing my concern for the wheelset that comes stock on the Jamis, which are the Ritchey-built deep comps. He said that he would stand by the wheels, and if something happened, he'd switch them out. I have the MS150 charity ride this weekend, so I'm going to ride the wheelset that comes stock, and hope for the best. If they indeed don't do the trick, then I'll definitely be buying new wheels come Monday. Any more insight would be helpful, as well as a review on this factory wheelset. Has anyone ridden these? I can't find info. on them anywhere. Thanks.
re: good wheelset for a clydesdale?ColnagoFE
Apr 25, 2003 6:16 AM
I don't weigh quite as much as you, but here's what I use. You may want a 36 front as well:
CXP33s 32 front 36 rear. 14/15 DB spokes, brass nips. Bombproof so far supporting my 190-205lb bulk.
i come in at 230 now but was 250 and....burdiman
Apr 25, 2003 8:26 PM
I am riding a set of open pro's 36 rear with an american classic hub (light and never had to true it). Front is 28 hole OP with a ringle hub (also light and solid). Have had wheels from Colorado Cyclist and Excel both of which fell apart. I build them myself now with a tensiometer and they are crazy stiff and light. The build is the most important part so find a good builder and you will be happy.