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Nike shoe distance to pedal axel / New Pedal / Seat Hieght?(2 posts)

Nike shoe distance to pedal axel / New Pedal / Seat Hieght?Nate552
Apr 23, 2003 8:58 AM
I am switching from Nike Stelvio shoes with the old Dura Ace road pedals to the Poggio II shoe with the new Dura Ace SL pedal. Does anyone know if this is going to change what my seat hieght needs to be? If so, how much? If there an easy way to figure this out other than another fitting? Thanks for the help!
One measurement (or two) worth a thousand wordsEric_H
Apr 23, 2003 4:00 PM
My preferred method in this situation is to measure the entire system of shoe, cleat and pedal. I would mount the cleats on your new shoes and then clip one new shoe into the new pedal system and clip one old shoe into the old pedal system.

Measure the distance from where the upper meets the sole to the center of the pedal spindle on each system. It might be such that you have to measure from the upper/sole junction to the top of the pedal platform, and then measure from the pedal platform to the center of the spindle (with the shoe out of the pedal) and then add these two numbers to get the complete "stack height".

If your new system comes out with a numerically smaller stack, the difference between the two is the amount you will want to lower your saddle. Vice versa if the new system has a larger number. Remember, these measurements are not perfectly exact and even if you come up with a difference of 5 mm, it probably has an error of +/- 1 mm attached to it. This method will get you in the ballpark for sadddle height, but fine adjustments may still be required.