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Fork/Brake Conversion(3 posts)

Fork/Brake ConversionSteve61
Apr 22, 2003 10:47 AM

Sadly, my racing days are over and riding in the drops for long periods of time just ain't gonna happen anymore. My kids are older, I'm 41, my riding habits changing, and I'm discovering there's more to see in the world when riding than some guys butt! I'm looking to create a more comfortable upright riding position with a flat bar but I don't want to sell the frame I love and paid a pretty penny for. Plus, I don't want to fork over 1K for a newer high performance hibrid. I'm hoping I could make the conversion with good parts for under $500.00.

My dilemma: I want to convert my Lightspeed titanium road bike to a high performance hibrid adding flat bar, XT shifters and V-brakes and maybe a little wider 26/28mm tire. I suppose I could keep the caliper brakes if I could mate them with XT brake levers, is this possible?. O/W I would have to change out the fork to one that would accept v-brakes. I looked on most online ordering sites and didn't see any 700c forks with V-brake mounts, ideas? Anyone out there have any ideas about this project.
Your time is greatly appreciated!! Thanks!

re: Fork/Brake ConversionRusty Coggs
Apr 22, 2003 1:08 PM
There are mtb levers(non v type) that are compatible with road calipers,and the xt levers might have an alternate cable position that would work.Check with www.rivendellbicycles for calipers that would have more clearance. Cross forks have the brake mounts you need but might not have the correct geometry.Same for forks for touring bikes with 7ooc wheels.
I built a flat bar road bike from and Airborne Ti touring frame.TFerguson
Apr 22, 2003 1:24 PM
See for a picture:

It has XTR shifters/brake levers, Ultegra bottom end, and XTR/XT rear end. The wheels are 700c with Ultegra hubs. I use Avid Ti v-bkakes. Since it was a touring frame it came with rear v-brake bosses. I found the fork on Ebay as a cyclocross fork – 700c with brake bosses. You can find forks at Also, I have an extra if you are interested. I did a lot of experimenting so I also have other odds and ends like flat bars, if interested. The MTB/Road parts work well together.

If you would like more info or pictures of specific parts, let me know. The picture above was to show the anodization, not the parts.