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Stan's No Tubes(3 posts)

Stan's No Tubesoddsos
Apr 22, 2003 5:15 AM

Quite a few guys I know have been using Stan's No Tubes on their mountain bikes for a while and seem to love the system. I was interested to hear if anyone has used it on a road bike at high pressures and what the feedback was?

I had been quite happy with clinchers and butyl tubes until recently, but in a race on Sunday with no team or neutral support I hit a pothole hard, pinch flatted and ended up on a two hour individual time trial.

As the No Tubes system is supposed to be self sealing and less vulnerable to pinch flats it seemed to me it could be an ideal solution. Plus if everything goes horribly wrong and you tear the tire you can always put in a spare tube as normal.


There are some problems with this...sprockets2
Apr 22, 2003 10:00 AM
idea of using a tubeless system on the road.

First of all, in my experience, and what I have heard from others, is that the system is not some kind of panacea for mtb riding. It works, but its effectiveness depends on the care taken in selecting pressures, which end of the bike you are talking about, HT or FS, type of riding, type of tire (some people use non-tubeless tires, which can be problematic).

Second, we are talking *tubeless* here. That is bad for all tires that are not specifically designed to work without a tube for several reasons, the most important being sidewall strength and overall integrity and performance of the tire system. Even if you could get the tire not to blow off, the flex of the body of the tire in cornering and other dynamic moves could be scary.

Third, this tubeless thing was developed for a unique set of circumstances-mtb riding-and for specific purposes: anti-snakebite performance, and possible enhanced traction. These are not the same concerns that most road bike riders face with similar regularity.

Solution-and it already exists-is to carry some of the bike specific anti-flat inflators that you can get at some bike or auto supply places. Spray it *into* the tube and you can ride on. Or, if it doesn't matter to you, ride with some of the stuff flowing through the tube while you ride.
nothing but positive results...VoltesV
Apr 23, 2003 7:35 PM
...on my mountain bike.

As previously mentioned, I don't believe it will hold up to the high pressures.

But, on the trail, is it absolutley awesome. I ride a DS (4" F&R air) with the system and it is great. I use regular (non UST) tires--2.4" WTB Raptors and ride on rough terrain (Noble Canyon for you SoCal locals) and consider myself moderately aggressive. I'll put maybe 30psi and yes, the sidewalls flex a bit, but traction and flat protection have been amazing. I'm hooked!