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Stem too short???(5 posts)

Stem too short???sparklenuts
Apr 21, 2003 10:57 AM
does using a 90mm stem seem to short? The size of the frame is a 54cm Colnago and I am 5 11. I have a 110 on there right now and never really feel cmfortable with my hood reach or the drops. I am a newbee from the other side and have only been on the road for the last half of last year.
have you asked your LBS?laffeaux
Apr 21, 2003 11:10 AM
Have you had a fit done at your LBS? The reason I ask is that a 54cm frame seems small for someone that is 5'11". If you had really short legs I could see a 54" being okay, but then you'd need a longer stem. The fact that you are on a smaller frame and looking at a smallish stem seems odd to me. I'd definitely try and get someone that is knowledgeable to look at you.

To answer your original question... no, a 90cm stem is not too short (however on that bike at your size, it does seem odd).
have you asked your LBS?sparklenuts
Apr 21, 2003 11:58 AM
i know it is wierd, but the bike fits great everywhere else, except in reach. It could be a 55 if it is c-t. It is 54 c-c. Thanks for the comments.
another optionlaffeaux
Apr 21, 2003 2:57 PM
Something else to consider is a new bar with shorter reach. Handle bars come in many different reaches and drops. I recently switched to a Bontrager Race bar from a Salsa Road to get a shorter reach - nearly 2cm shorter to the hoods.

The advantage to doing this is that you shorten your reach to the drops and to the hoods, while maintaining the same distance to the tops of the bar. In my case that's what I needed.
I think so too.Spoke Wrench
Apr 21, 2003 4:43 PM
Before I spent any more money on this bike, I'd find somebody I trusted to talk over all aspects of the fit. For example: Are you sure that the bar is too far away and not just too low?