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Record Ti vs. Ti/Steel cassette?(8 posts)

Record Ti vs. Ti/Steel cassette?russw19
Apr 17, 2003 1:16 PM
Other than the 35 grams of weight savings and the weight of my wallet being over $85 lighter too, what is the real difference between the full Ti Record Cassette and the Ti/Steel cassette? I have read reports that the Ti cassette wears out faster. Does anyone have knowledge or an opinion on this? Does anyone have an opinion if one shifts better than the other? Or is the difference the weight and chi factor only?

Thanks all,
it's only weight....C-40
Apr 17, 2003 1:37 PM
Ti cogs will not last as long. Shifting should be no different. A lot of bucks spent for nothing, IMO.

I'm trying to swear off overly pricey parts, that weigh less, but don't perform any better.

I use a Chorus cassette and BB on my otherwise Record bike.
Also use stainless steel Speedplay pedals. Just couldn't justify the cost of the Ti version.
it's only weight....russw19
Apr 17, 2003 2:27 PM
Thanks C-40! They are going to go on my new Cane Creek wheels which I won't ride all the time (yet) becuase I decided to ride my Am. Classic 420's thru the summer, but I just got them and I thought about building them up super light with the Ti cogs. My 420's aren't that light because I bought them when I rode Dura-Ace and I run a conversion cassette on them, so it's heavy. I just thought about going light on the Cane Creeks, but haven't seen the full Ti cassette in person yet. I think the durability is the issue for me. The Chorus to Record steel/Ti isn't a big issue for me, as the same weight savings of about 30 grams between those two only costs me an extra $30 instead of $85.

Thanks again for the reply.

Isn't the saying, "$100 per ounce saved"purplepaul
Apr 17, 2003 2:45 PM
If so, and you subscribe to that thinking, the Ti cassette is a bit of a bargain.
Lighter, more $$, and wears a lot faster.Kerry
Apr 17, 2003 4:13 PM
My experience with Ti cogs is in a 6/3 steel/Ti cassette. A 19 Ti wore about the same as an 18 steel, even though the steel had 5X the mileage! Ti wears about 5X faster than steel and IMO is a poor choice unless cost is no object AND weight is critical.
re: Record Ti vs. Ti/Steel cassette?DMoore
Apr 17, 2003 5:03 PM
My race wheels are Zipp 303 tubulars with Clement and Vittoria silk tubular tires. Cogset? Full Ti Record. Talk about "cost no object!" On every other set of wheels I own (total of 9 sets of wheels for 6 road bikes) the cogs are Ti/steel or all steel. No reason for full Ti except for race wheels, since they cost lots more and don't last as long. The shifting, however, is indistinguishable between all-Ti and Ti/steel Record cassettes.
re: Record Ti vs. Ti/Steel cassette?rogue_CT1
Apr 17, 2003 6:51 PM
I used the Ti/steel cassette all of last year and then started using the full Ti cassette in January. I use it everyday and I have not noticed any more wear on the Ti cassette vs. the Ti/steel cassette. I haven't noticed any difference in shifting, it still gives that wonderful Campy feel.

I put the full Ti cassette on Ksyrium SL's and I noticed the weight difference immediately. I like the full Ti cassette so much I probably will never use the Ti/steel one again.

One thing I do with my cassette, I break it down every two weeks and completely clean it along with the chain. I then make sure it is oiled before every ride. This may account for the lack of wear on the cassette.
hate to be critical, but...C-40
Apr 18, 2003 4:47 AM
the rate of wear will only be known in the future whenever one of the Ti cogs starts skipping. Only then will you know how the cog life compares to steel and it will be less.

As far as "feeling" the weight difference, that's your imagination at work. No one can feel a weight reduction of .08 pounds on a 160-180 pound bike + rider combination. The difference is .05%.