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BB transplant on Steelman successful.(1 post)

BB transplant on Steelman successful.Dale Brigham
Apr 16, 2003 5:39 PM
I had previously posted a query about Shimano UN-72 bottom bracket spindle lengths, with the intent of changing from the 107 mm spindle BB on my Steelman EC525 to a longer one (110 mm) to bring the LH crank arm a bit farther away from the LH chainstay. I needed to know the pros and cons of that change.

Well, I just switched the bottom brackets (107 to 110 mm), and it worked perfectly. Unlike what I and a couple of other posters who replied to my question had thought, my measurements with a pretty fair caliper indicated that ALL of the 3 mm spindle length difference between the two BBs is on the LH (non-drive) side. So, changing to the BB with the 110 mm spindle moved the LH crank arm that distance (3 mm) farther away from the chainstay. That accomplished my goal, and the chainline was not at all affected (no difference in RH side spindle lengths).

Thanks kindly for the advice!