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Just got my New Cane Creek Volos(1 post)

Just got my New Cane Creek Volosrussw19
Apr 16, 2003 12:23 PM
I just went in to the shop and picked up my new Cane Creek Volos Team Ti wheelset. They are so nice! I haven't riden them yet as my cassette is not in yet. But I thought I would post a little about them and the differences over last year's Aerohead Team Ti's.

First off, they are only available in black rims. No more of the light blue (which actually looked good on my bike) and the rear rim is offset. And it looks like the logos on the rim are reflective for night riding. But they look good.

The spokes are the exact same as the Aeroheads. They are the same blue-grey Ti spokes and the lacing pattern is the same. I don't know if the lengths vary at all in the rear due to the offset, but that really doesn't matter to me anyways.

The big changes come with the hubs. I was under the impression (falsely) that the changes were minor... they are a little more drastic than I thought they were to be. The hub shell is now more oversized, both front and rear. But also lighter. They almost have a Chris King look about them. The flange parts look the same, but they now have a plastic cover to go over the spoke nipples and it seems to seat on the hub better than the old alloy ones. The hubs are also now black, and the cover is a dark opaque plastic. It looks good though even if it's plastic. The hubs also have a laser etched Cane Creek logo on them that has the lizard logo wrapping around the hub.

The rear hub looks like a King hub in that it gets wider thry the hub shell towards the drive side. It also has the same laser-etched logo the front hub has. My freehub body seems semi quiet. It's an alloy body. My wheel is Campy compatible, so I have no idea if the Shimano version still comes with the Shimano Dura-Ace/XTR Ti freehub body.

Overall, these look to be as nice as the old wheels were, but with a few improvements. They look great, they are super light, and I can't wait to ride them. If they are as good as last year's Aerohead Team Ti's, I am sure that I will be happy! I will let you all know more once I ride them.