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aerobar recommendations?(3 posts)

aerobar recommendations?chaduardo
Apr 15, 2003 9:52 AM
I am looking to buy clip on aerobars for my wife's bike. She is about 5'5" and rides a 50 cm Trek 1000. I have seen some on line that say things like 'very adjustable'. Should I get one of these or should I go to our LBS to try them first?

Any advice as to which brands are best?


re: aerobar recommendations?brider
Apr 15, 2003 10:23 AM
Two very important points to this: You're fitting them to a road bike, and it's your wife (female).

Go with something like the Profile Jammers with the F-18 armrests, or Syntace C2s in the small size.

Why? When you add bars that are too long to a road position, you tend to creep forward on the saddle. Can be painful for a guy. Can be ruinous for a lady. Don't want to change the road position, so you need something SHORT. I've got a pair of the older Split Seconds that I'm still not happy with (need to cut them down about another inch). I've modified them, so they're no longer covered by warranty.
re: aerobar recommendations?xcmntgeek
Apr 16, 2003 6:54 AM
I'm only an inch taller than your wife and I love my Cinelli Cornas. Try them out, but they are adjustable enough for me and I love the armrests.