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Q) Rear wheel rubbing somewhere? Rolf Problem?(2 posts)

Q) Rear wheel rubbing somewhere? Rolf Problem?wolfereeno
Apr 14, 2003 9:27 AM
When I'm hammering out of the saddle with the bike leaning to the right, I hear a rubbing sound from my rear wheel.

To me it sounds like the rim is hitting the brake pad. I loosened the brake a bit but still get it. Maybe I need to loosen it more. Since it's kind of hard to tell what it's rubbing I guess it could be hitting the frame or could be bearings...

I weight around 170. The frame's pretty stiff. Kestrel 200sci. And the wheel's moderately stiff - Rolf Vector Pro. Never had the prob with my old rear wheel. Maybe the spoke tension needs to be tightened?

Any suggestions?
re: Q) Rear wheel rubbing somewhere? Rolf Problem?rrjc5488
Apr 17, 2003 1:27 PM
Check the V right behind the bottom bracket, my wheel was rubbing there once. To fix it, loosen the rear quick release, push the wheel all the way up, or forward, so the axle is even, then tighten it again. See if thats the problem