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Campy Record aheadset query(5 posts)

Campy Record aheadset queryNoam
Apr 13, 2003 2:44 AM
Once installed can the adjustment expandable bold be extracted or moved to a new position or in the steerer tube?> If yes how this is done. I RTFM no hints there.

Kind regards>
more info...C-40
Apr 13, 2003 8:20 AM
It's not clear if you're talking about a star-fangled nut that is driven into a steel or aluminum steering tube, or one of the removable expanding plugs that must be used with a carbon steerer.

The star nut can be driven deeper, but raising it would be tough. If it's too deep, a longer bolt on the top cap could cure the problem, but the campy carbon top cap uses a special bolt with no comon substitute.

If you have a carbon steerer, most have an expanding plug that is removeable and can be respositioned.
re: Campy Record aheadset querycurlybike
Apr 13, 2003 8:23 AM
Remove the top cap and look into the steerer, if there is a star-fangled nut in there you can drive it deeper(put the cap and screw back on leaving the screw very loose, whack the screw with a hammer and soft punch, this will drive the star nut deeper, avoid marring the top cap) but you can extract it not. Some times you can drive them all the way through. If it is a carbon steerer you should NOT have a star-fangled nut in there as they are thought to damage the carbon. Most carbon forks use a expander plug that grips inside the tube.
More detail?fracisco
Apr 14, 2003 7:57 AM
Is this the Campy hiddenset that Cannondale uses for their road frames?

If so, then, yes, you can reset the nut deeper into the steerer tube. There is a Cannondale 'special tool' which is used to establish the vertical position of the 'nut' inside the steerer tube. You can find a PDF file of the instructions and tool on Cannondale's website in the tech document section.
More detail?Noam
Apr 15, 2003 8:15 AM
No it is not. It is Campy Record Ahead. I have pushed it too deep inside so that the bolt do not engage into the thread. I can not add spacers.