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10spd conversion cassette fit problem with hub(2 posts)

10spd conversion cassette fit problem with hubgamara
Apr 12, 2003 8:50 PM
I bought an american classic campy compatible 10spd cassette for my ritchey wheels to go with my chorus setup. However the last cog and lock ring doesn't seem to fit on. The loose cogs are separated by a plastic spacer.

If I reef on the lock ring, will this compress the spacers enough to allow the last cog to seat properly on the hub splines? I tried to contact ritchey about the compatability of this setup but no response. Anyone have any experience with this?
re: 10spd conversion cassette fit problem with hubrussw19
Apr 14, 2003 6:07 AM
There is a spacer that you have to put in the right place. Look on American Classic's webpage.... it shows the correct set up. Or you can call them too... they have a toll free number listed on the webpage as well. But you will have to crank down on the lock ring. The lockring itself says the torque spec, but I think it's like 45Nm which is quite a lot. Crank on that thing till you can't tighten it anymore and know that you will need a long lever or a cheater bar to get it off. But make sure you are putting the correct spacer between the two sets of alloy pinned cogs at the hub end of the cassette.

But again, when in doubt, rather than do it wrong, check the website or call them.