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Lugged steel top tube is bent(4 posts)

Lugged steel top tube is benttrout_bum
Apr 12, 2003 3:28 PM
Lately I've noticed that the top tube on my frame isn't completely straight when sighted from the back-seems to curve down in the center about 1/16" when you use a straight edge. The frame in question is a DeBernardi Thron lugged steel frame. Frame is about 7 months old with over 2,000 miles on it but has never been crashed. Bike handles and rides really well-but it bothers me that my top tube isn't perfectly straight (maybe because I'm a Germanic graphic designer, but enough psychology!)
I doubt I have much of a case as far as a customer service approach is concerned, because I didn't notice this on delivery. Besides frame was a cheap interim solution to get me up and riding. I think I want to get something lighter soon, anyway as bike weighs in at over 20lbs! I was wondering if a skilled mechanic would be able to straighten top tube.
I would leave it.the bull
Apr 12, 2003 4:04 PM
Bending it back would only weaken the tube.Geez 1/16 of an inch is not that much.Are you sure it is not the way theframe is supposed to be.Although I cant think of any reason to build a curved top tube.You could always say "yes-it increases the standover height!"
So hows it ride?Spoke Wrench
Apr 13, 2003 5:29 PM
This looks to me like a real good place to say "If it ain't broke ...." I'd think you would have a much greater probability of making it worse than making it better. I think that I'd leave it alone.
Probably built that wayKerry
Apr 13, 2003 5:33 PM
The force it would take to bend a top tube like that is serious. I'm guessing the bike was built that way, either due to heat warping the top tube, cold setting after the frame was built, or (not likely) a bent tube set. If the bike rides well and tracks straight, nothing to worry about.