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Which Rim?????(2 posts)

Which Rim?????JAM66
Apr 12, 2003 4:55 AM
I have been looking at several different rim choices and have narrowed it down to the Velocity Aerohead(21mm,405gr),Fusion(28mm,470gr) and Deep V(30mm,570). The new Aerohead OC is for the rear which is asymetrical and reduces dish. Does the differences in rim depth make up for the difference in weight for a say 90% training/10% racing wheel? What I'm trying to say is will you notice the "Aero" advantage more or the weight advantage? These will be built on American Classic rear and FRM carbon front hubs using WS XL 14 spokes.
I would suggest DeepV or Fusion5ive
Apr 12, 2003 5:25 PM
I've had both DeepV and Aerohead. I've definately noticed the weight difference. DeepV just felt very heavy and slow to accelerate. And although it's not as severe, I've also noticed some aerodynamic benefits of DeepV. For 90% trainning wheelset, I would go with DeepV for the sake of durability. I know many people on this board are very happy with their aeroheads, but in my personal experience they were not nearly as strong and stiff as DeepV. Hope this helps.