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When do you replace your chain?(6 posts)

When do you replace your chain?ParticleMan
Apr 11, 2003 12:58 AM
As above- this will be informative for all. I replace it [Campagnolo drivetrain - either Campy C10 or SRAM chain]every 3500km or so. A lot of the riding here is in varying weather - rain, sleet, dry, etc. Found that the wear is in the link pin, using the perma link cghain..not so much the chain itself. Inspected it recently, and saw that the plates were a bit loose after 3000plus km. Seems most others here too change it between 3000 to 5000 km.

What about the rest of you, and whats your riding condition like? Thanks very much, happy riding.
A lot of local conditions to considerKerry
Apr 11, 2003 4:44 PM
However, with my 180 lb., mostly flat roads, rarely caught in the rain, not too dusty, and lubing every 350 miles with ProLink, I regularly get 8-11K miles on a Campy Record 9 chain and Chorus steel cassette (I replace them both). Replacement takes place at 0.5% elongation, measured pin center to pin center (1/16" in 12"). At 125 lb, my wife gets even more miles from her chains/cogs.
Apr 12, 2003 5:31 PM
Darn! I thought I was the only one who get over 8k on a campy chain. My secret is similar to Kerry's but I'm slightly more anal. I clean my chain after EVERY ride. And I don't use water. I clean my chain with WD40 and then lube with homebrew. I was so surprised of the result, I'm now convinced that cleaning chain after every ride is worth every minute.
Cassette, too?PseuZQ
Apr 12, 2003 7:00 PM
Replaced my chain, cassette and middle chain ring last September (after way too many miles.) Just had my chain measured, and looks like it's time to replace it again. I'd say that it has maybe 3k on it. Two shops have said I should just get the cassette replaced again as well. I guess that's fine, but damn, how often do I need to change the chain without having to replace the cassette? I'd like to get on somehwat of a regular schedule that preserves the cassette.
The math, not supported by everyoneKerry
Apr 13, 2003 4:52 PM
Here's how I think of it. Campy Record 9 chain = $20. Campy steel Chorus cassette = $50. Replace both at 10K miles = $7 per 1K miles. Same prices, replacing chain often enough to significantly reduce cassette wear (cassette lasts 30K miles). Total cost for 30K miles, $210 when you replace everything every 10K. If you replace chains more frequently (8 times at same total cost), they have to last 3,750 miles AND prevent cassette wear. Not likely, in my book. You often hear of people replacing chains every 1500-2000 miles to "save the cassette" and it doesn't work out. If you are running super expensive (Ti) cogs, then maybe it's a better system, though in my experience, Ti wears 3-5X faster than steel, so it still is not possible to save the cassette. Others disagree. YMMV
re: When do you replace your chain?wielerpret
Apr 15, 2003 4:37 AM
In the varying conditions you're describing your replacing of the chain ar 3500 kms shouldn't be far off the mark if you are not as anal as an earlier participant. I'm a bit surprised about the cassette though. Steering clear of moisture if I can help it, I managed 8000 or so km's before I recently replaced the chain (Campy 10 speed chain, Chorus cass.) with a SRAM 9 speed. After 5000 kms the closing link had broken. Replaced with a SRAM link: no problem. I expect to have the flawless Chorus cassette for at least another 3500 kms. Maybe even then only one or two cogs need replacing.
Strange that you didn't notice the loose plates earlier. This would likely have also caused you to wear out your cassette before its time.
Good luck. Luke. Amsterdam.