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Classic or anatomic bar for small hands(5 posts)

Classic or anatomic bar for small handsAsh
Apr 8, 2003 11:53 AM
I've got Campy Chorus 9sp and small hands. current bars are some generic anatomic ones.

Will regular classic round bars, work better for smaller hands to reach the levers while in the drops?
re: Classic or anatomic bar for small handsAndy M-S
Apr 8, 2003 12:44 PM
In general, "classic bend" bars will work better for you, but even there, there is a range.

If you like anatomic flats in your bars, you might want to try TTT's Morphe, which can be very comfortable (Caveat: I have large hands, but like short reach here).
how small?jw25
Apr 8, 2003 1:33 PM
I've got medium male hands, with fairly long fingers for their size, and I have trouble with some anatomic bars. It all seems to depend on the angle of the bend.
I tried a standard bend Syncros recently (a sad case of emulating the pros) and couldn't hack them at all. Maybe I'm used to the flat ergo sections, or I had them set up all wrong, but the drops hurt to ride in. Reach to the levers was good, though.
I switched those out for a fairly sharp-angled anatomic pair, and those took some fiddling to get the levers reachable in the drops. It wasn't so much the distance as the angle - my fingers had to point up to find the brakes - not confidence-inspiring in traffic. The tops were great, though, and the drops very comfy when not trying to brake.
Sorry to ramble, but check out some Deda bars - they have some fairly obtuse angles, and are advertised as offering a shorter reach to the levers than others. I had a pair of Icon bars with a very similar shape, and found this to be true.
Also, moving the levrs slightly down the bars moves them in closer to the drops. There's a fairly broad area for adjustment before the hoods get uncomfortable, and small tilt adjustments can fix those.
I'd say, head to the LBS, and see if you can test-grip a set of classic bars for comfort first. There's a reason ergo-bends are so popular.
I have small hands and have checked many bars...TFerguson
Apr 8, 2003 4:38 PM
and they are all the same within 3 mm. The "small" ones I have check include the Terry bar, Salsa Poco Loco and Salsa Short & Shallow. I checked them against the standard bars that came on my Bianchi Volpe and Litespeed Blue Ridge. I mounted an Ultegra lever on each and measured from the backside of the bar to the front of the lever (ie the distance your hands would have to reach to brake.)

I have used Ultegra, Tiagra and Record Carbon and have to let go of the handle bar to reach the brake on all of them.

My final solution was to drill and tap my Ultegras and put in an adjustment screw similar to a MTB brake lever.

I have small hands and have checked many bars...peter108
Apr 9, 2003 11:47 PM
I also have small hands and use Campy. Try Deda Newton bars. They really helped me out.