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Speedplay and Sidi, what adaptors do I need(4 posts)

Speedplay and Sidi, what adaptors do I needrugbgirl
Apr 8, 2003 5:21 AM

I am pretty new to Road biking and until this point have I rode my bike with Time ATAC's and my Sidi MTB shoes, I am thinking about manking the investment in Sidi Genius 4 shoes and Speedplay X2 Pedals. I wanted to know:

1) if this combination is going to make a huge differennce in my ride? (i am looking at a 300 - 400 dollar investment here)

2)What adaptors do I need to buy for the speedplay to work with my Sidi Genius 4 shoes,

3)also can I use Speedplays with MTB shoes?

4) is there really a difference between road and MTB shoes?
re: Speedplay and Sidi, what adaptors do I needStinky Hippie
Apr 8, 2003 5:26 AM
1. I find the added stiffness of a good road shoe a palpable improvement over MTB shoes and pedals. The interface between cleat and pedal is tighter, as well -- none of the slop you will experience with mountain cleats. Big plus in my book.

2. don't need to buy a thing -- all is included with the cleats

3. can't use those cleats with any mountain shoe I've seen

4. see number 1 and also remember that SIDI road shoes are lighter than their road counterparts

hope this helps

feel the gin
typo in the last line ....Stinky Hippie
Apr 8, 2003 5:28 AM
...road shoes are lighter than their MTB counterparts

too much gin

feel the gin
re: Speedplay and Sidi, what adaptors do I needwolfereeno
Apr 10, 2003 8:49 AM
If I'm not mistaken you don't need an adapter with sidi road shoes and speedplay x2's. They make a good combination with a low stack height.

If you want to stick with mtb shoes for reasons such as wanting to be able to walk, you could try speedplay frogs instead.

I've been riding X2's with Sidi Geniuses for a while but I hate not being able to walk. So I just ordered a pair of Frogs for my roadbike. Hope to try them in the next couple of days.