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HELP needed!!!(2 posts)

HELP needed!!!boat
Apr 7, 2003 11:41 AM
I have narrowed down my frameset choices to the Cinelli Aliante Muscle and Aliante Carve. They look the same except for the seatstay and fork. Has anyone had experience with any of these frames and its ride quality. The muscle is about $400 more expensive than the Carve, so I don't know if it is worth it to go with the muscles. I heard some negative feedback about the paint, are they really that bad? By the way, I'm looking for a bike that is stiff for sprinting and light enough for climbing. Thinking of building it up with Record and Ksyriums, so please give some thoughts about these 2 framesets.
re: HELP needed!!!wackycyd
Apr 7, 2003 11:53 AM
paint is relatively cack on the cinelli's, a case of paint and alloy don't go well really.

muscle carbon has a titanium weave in it, hence the price tag difference, go 4 this though over the carve if you've the £$£$£$£$ 2 do so, less weight and stronger.

if u're wanting a good frame for sprinting and climbing, i'd say go 4 a Fondriest Don Racer myself, far better frameset, although there is a max. rider weight limit of 95kg, so bear that in mind if u're at this end of thje scales, me i'm well over it, so the carb. level plus is the next frameset to look at.

hope this is of help.