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2003 Vittoria Corsa tires(2 posts)

2003 Vittoria Corsa tiresMXL02
Apr 7, 2003 10:51 AM
Does anyone know the difference between the four new types of open corsas? all weather, evo kx, evo ks and evo looks to me like only tread design.
re: 2003 Vittoria Corsa tiresjw25
Apr 8, 2003 1:49 PM
I think the Open All Weather still uses the aramid2000 rubber, while the Evo series use a silica-enhanced tread compound. Not sure if the Evo's use aramid fibers as well.
Other than that, the main difference is tread pattern - cx is the classic stippled, kx has grooves on the sides, and ks is fairly smooth. There may be a difference in the puncture resistant belting, as well, but info on the new tires is hard to come by.
If the Evo Corsas ride like the older open corsas, but overcome their strong tendency to flat, I'm definitely buying a set.