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To rev-x or not to rev-x..... is that a question?(7 posts)

To rev-x or not to rev-x..... is that a question?phatboy
Apr 6, 2003 8:14 AM
I want to upgrade my wheels, and in the process of asking questions to local shops I have found that some people love the spinergy rev-x wheels and some people hate them, but no one really knows why. I am currently a fitness rider at 230lbs but am trying to lighten up my bike. I don't know if they are lite but I understand they are very tuff. Can anyone tell me why or why not to go with these wheels?
re: To rev-x or not to rev-x..... is that a question?Rusty Coggs
Apr 6, 2003 9:03 AM
They are not light,are noisy and catch the wind bad.I can think of no good reason for them other than looks.You now know which list I am on.
Pros and consKerry
Apr 6, 2003 1:23 PM
The wheel is fairly aero, though obviously will be fairly sensitive to cross winds. These wheels were not too durable, though it was a situation where if you got one that held up, it did hold up. Sort of a crap shoot. Failure mode tended to be catastrophic rather than slow/safe. Not too light. Hubs not the greatest. Some complaints about feeling flexy in the turns. At your weight, you'd better not be paying much for a wheel with these attributes.
re: To rev-x or not to rev-x..... is that a question?Mantra
Apr 6, 2003 3:59 PM
Check this site
my reply from the General Discssions Forum threadrussw19
Apr 6, 2003 5:42 PM
Look at it this way... Spinergy doesn't make those wheels anymore... how great of a design could it be if they abandoned it?
It's old technology at best. At worst, it's a poor design that is bound to fail causing the rider catastrophic bodily injuries. You decide.

Pinwheel actionmass_biker
Apr 6, 2003 8:25 PM
Was in a race over the weekend and there was another racer with Rev-Xs with white logos. Holy cow - the pinwheel action as the wheel went round and round and round. Enough to make you sick.

Maybe a good weapon to unleash on the competition to disorient them (something has to make up for the poor durability issue and weight penalty)...

If you want to lighten your bike, you can do a whole lot better than the Rev -xs.

re: To rev-x or not to rev-x..... is that a question?pmf1
Apr 7, 2003 8:32 AM
I've had a set for years. I don't use them that much anymore. On the pro side -- they're aerodynamic, you never have to true them, they have a comfortable ride and they look cool. On the con side -- they're heavy (as most aero wheels are), the front wheel becomes unstable in a cross wind (as all deep dish wheels do), they don't corner well, you have to use valve extenders or buy long stemmed tubes (as with all deep dish wheels), and if they go out true, you are out of luck.

Perhaps the biggest con is the possibility of catastrophic failure. Its been reported that if a spoke breaks, the whole wheel pretty much disintegrates. I doubt this is very common, but makes it worth checking them before a ride.

I broke a chain and took a hunk out of a rear wheel spoke once. Spinergy replaced it at half price which I thought was pretty decent.