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Time to buy Pedals - Suggestions?(4 posts)

Time to buy Pedals - Suggestions?grande
Apr 5, 2003 3:47 PM
This is my first rode ride and need to pick up some pedals so i can swap back my current one back to Mountain.

Not sure what to buy. Not sure what to look for. Checked the reviews. Its either 5 stars or one depend if the guy broke it yet.

-Time Impact
-Dura Ace 7750

All help is appeciated
simple switch the word around in header!then take a couple out!the bull
Apr 5, 2003 4:10 PM
Buy Time Pedals
re: Time to buy Pedals - Suggestions?kenyonCycleist
Apr 5, 2003 5:12 PM
go with coombe pro or speedplay..the pedals u list have virtually no float.are harmful to your knees and dont allow for a natural pedaling motion...once you've ridden a full-float platform you'll see what i mean--going back to those no-float pedals will feel like stepping into a bear trap minus the pain...

(1)Time pedals, which i have ridden for a few years, quite possibly have the most cumbersome, hard to get into pedal design out there and are notorious for causing riders to crash by clipping the huge platform w/ zero clearance on the ground. not too mention the cleat is half plastic.
(2)never ridden Shimano..but still have no float
(3)As far as Look goes..i once saw a guy from me team (who rides look pedals) pull his foot out during a sprint and crash pretty badly. once u wear down the plastic cleats this can happen frequently (i.e. pedal saftey decreases with riding time)

~i race on coombe pro's
1) both cleat and pedal are machined steel
2)smaller than speedplay
3) easiest to shim for leg differences
4) while cornering your heel will hit the ground before the pedal does
5) no spring-loaded release tension to keep u from pulling out during a crash
re: Time to buy Pedals - Suggestions?Trent in WA
Apr 5, 2003 5:21 PM
All three of the systems you mention work well. The Times probably have the most float and have some side-to-side play built into them; the Dura-Aces have the most easily walkable cleats (but have to be replaced when the pontoons that make them walkable wear down); the Looks come in a wide range of models and features, and you can obtain cleat covers for them to enhance walkability. You could almost choose one at random; if it works well, stick with it, and if not, sell it and try something else.

If you're currently using an mtb pedal system that you like, though, why not stick with it for your road bike?