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Bike Upgrade Opinions(3 posts)

Bike Upgrade Opinionswleaumont
Apr 5, 2003 1:30 PM
First a little background I have a Cannondale R800 which is still stock except for the saddle. Shimano 105 with C-Dale Coda brakes and hubs.
I am looking at upgrading the wheel set. The two sets I am looking at right now are the Ksyrium SSC SL or the Ksyrium Elite. I know the SSC SL are light and great wheels but are they worth the extra $300? Also are there other wheels I should look at.
One caveat is I am a Clydsdale on a Cannondale weighing in at 225.
Also is my desire to upgrade the 105 components a valid desire or a function of ego?
re: Bike Upgrade OpinionskenyonCycleist
Apr 6, 2003 4:23 PM
I really wouldnt upgrade unless u are looking to compete on a serious level--its common to spend more upgrading your not-so-good bike than to just buy a higher end bike with better components. Why do u want to upgrade the wheels and what wheelset r u currently using. Ksyriums are a strong wheel, although probably no stronger than any standard set of open-pros, and not much lighter either. Also, if aerodynamics are a concern they are not aero. If speed and climbing are your goals...just work on losing weight..that will yield the best results.
re: Bike Upgrade Opinionswielerpret
Apr 10, 2003 6:20 AM
Read some of the reviews on your bike (1999?). There seems to be a consensus about its fair value for money at entry level. One rider likes his Spinergy wheelset on it. Another advises upgrading to an astronomical level.
Compared with the overall price of the bike, the Ksyriums to me seem a bit too expensive. They would probably warrant a 'better' frameset. Do you want to have a less harsh ride? Perhaps a change from aluminium only to a framest with more carbon or titanium parts would suit you. A bit costly though. I have returned to good old lugged steel. Used steel Colnago, Pinarello, or Tomassini etc. (Italian) framesets should not be too pricey and are still lovely rides indeed. Mount maybe a gorgeous Campagnolo Centaur gruppo, 3ttt 199 handlebars, Speedplays etc. to compensate for the bit of extra weight of the steel: you'll laugh at the hideous welds on the aluminium and never look back. If it weren't for the ugly decals, Ksyriums SSC SL could suit such a bike to a tee, but that is a matter of taste. Good luck.