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'79 Bianchi Stelvio convert to bar shifting 8 speed(4 posts)

'79 Bianchi Stelvio convert to bar shifting 8 speedStickers
Apr 5, 2003 9:55 AM
My chiropractor has offered a barter, I build her bike to a climber with shifter/brake levers, and she eats the money that my insurance will not cover. I have 105 triple shifters, XT crankset (need the little granny), 12-32 cassette, and a 9 speed Scram rear derailleur, thinking I may need the 9 speed spread. I have a 105 8/9 speed rear wheel on the bike. The chain line is way off. I am going to use a 3rd eye on the seat tube, to try to keep the chain from falling off. Any one done a like transformation? I am stringing the cables today. Thanks
re: '79 Bianchi Stelvio convert to bar shifting 8 speedRusty Coggs
Apr 5, 2003 11:49 AM
Did you you use the correct BB spindle length for the xt crank? You may have a problem with the front deralier.If the large ring is 42 or 44 you may need a mtb derailer,and there are often compatibility problems with shimano mtb FD and STI shifters.9 sped RD has nothing to do with the 'spread'.It's an easy enough project of one knows what they are doing.
Trial and ErrorStickers
Apr 5, 2003 11:59 AM
I am now looking for a 70x107 bottom bracket! That should pull the cranks in, as I have a 115 on it now, and that's too wide! I think the road front derailleur will work. I have tried a mtb front derailleur on my cross bike, and as you stated, getting the road shifters to work was a trial. I will use an XT rear 8 speed rear derailleur. Thanks for your input.
Check your granny ring to chain stay clearance....TFerguson
Apr 5, 2003 3:02 PM
That's the reason for the longer spindles on a triple.