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Wheelset: CC Aerohead Ti or Am Classic CR-250 ?(3 posts)

Wheelset: CC Aerohead Ti or Am Classic CR-250 ?Tahoe Gator
Apr 3, 2003 12:07 PM
Please help me decide on a wheelset:

Cane Creek Aerohead Ti
or American Classic CR-350 (

I want a lightweight racing wheelset for my Klein Quantum Pro (currently has Rolf Vector Pros). I bought a set of the American Classic CR-350 a while back and have yet to try them. I recently purchased a set of Cane Creek Aerohead Ti from Sierra Trading Post for $400 figuring I could give the American Classics to my wife or return them and ride the Am Classics. I have the Sea Otter race coming up and am packing the bike tonight, so now I need to decide.

My current Rolf Vector Pros weigh 4 lb 4 oz (1930 g)
Cane Creeks weigh 3 lb 10 oz (1650 g)
American Classics weigh 3 lb even (1360 g)

So the Am Classics are a full 10 oz (280 g) lighter than the Cane Creeks. The real question is whether the Cane Creeks offer other benefits that make up for the weight difference, e.g., are they stiffer, do the titanium spokes offer a magic ride, etc?

My weight: 170-175 lbs. (77-79 kg)

Any advice appreciated. Thanks
re: Wheelset: CC Aerohead Ti or Am Classic CR-250 ?Sean OConnor
Apr 4, 2003 2:06 PM
I can't help you with your dilemma, but I'd appreciate your help! Are the CC's the 2002 model with the offset rear rims? Did you have to get the blue ones? They seem like a wheelset that would be great for training, but be strong enough for 'cross. Thanks.
re: Wheelset: CC Aerohead Ti or Am Classic CR-250 ?russw19
Apr 4, 2003 2:32 PM
Sean, the 2002 Aeroheads didn't come with the offset rims. The 2003 Volos do. It's one of about three differences between the 2002 and 2003 wheels. The others are the 2003 is offered in a Campy and Shimano freehub (2002 was only Shimano) and they slightly redesigned the rear hub to help it work better with the offset rims. And they only come in black for 2003. Right now you can find some really good deals on the stainless spoked models, but be sure to ask if they are double butted with the Ultegra freehub, or straight gauge with the LX freehub. If they are the double butted Aeroheads, they are a good deal at anything under $300. If they are the straight gauge, don't pay more than $225 for them right now.

However I have seen a few places that offer the Aerohead Team Ti for around $400 to $500 and that's a good price. The Volos for 2003 are going for $800 retail. Also you can get the Deep Dish Wheel if you really want a great cross wheel. They are stronger, stiffer, but also heavier, but pretty much bomb proof.

I have riden the Aerohead Team Ti's for a year, I am about to order a new set of the Volos, and I also ride the American Classic 420's so if you want to know anything about these wheels, feel free to ask and I will try to help.