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10 speed Shimano Dura Ace coming ?(7 posts)

10 speed Shimano Dura Ace coming ?Derrick VL
Apr 3, 2003 10:10 AM
I heard Shimano will soon launch the Dura Ace 10 speed.
(read in 'Fiets', march 2003)

Does anyone knows when?
Yes,it's about time they TRIED to catch up!the bull
Apr 3, 2003 3:06 PM
Give them some time.Soon they will be using carbon fiber to reduce weight!But I doubt you will ever be able to rebuild it.
hmm!BIC PEN!!!
Maybe now....4bykn
Apr 4, 2003 5:08 AM
They will stand a chance in competition, ie: TdF etc.
re: 10 speed Shimano Dura Ace coming ?ParticleMan
Apr 3, 2003 8:28 PM
Hi All

Thisn info from a friend who works in Shimano Singapore -
The new 10 speed will be tested in the Giro, so look out for it. It will be further tested, and marketed at the Tour [possibly] and released at the later part of the year. But it will be pretty expensive, as there are many 9 speed DA groups for sale still, and Shimano will continue to manufacute them.Also, new XTR style cranks, new 'crab Claw' shifters, better brakes, hubs, seatpost.
cheers All
re: 10 speed Shimano Dura Ace coming ?russw19
Apr 4, 2003 12:17 AM
I am glad you posted this, as I was going to point out that there is no way Shimano will roll out a 10 speed group without 2 things happening first...
1. It gets tested by a bunch of pro teams and is approved first by them.
2. If they roll it out to the public, it will be tied into all the fanfair of the Tour first. They will use the Tour as publicity for it but it wouldn't be made available to the public before the Tour is over. That would be silly.

"new 'crab Claw' shifters"??Matno
Apr 4, 2003 6:33 AM
Can you elaborate on that one?
yeah it' got some kinda hump on the surface.the bull
Apr 4, 2003 3:07 PM
I did not know it had a name though.