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Carbon handle bars, yae of nae(7 posts)

Carbon handle bars, yae of naedpayne
Apr 3, 2003 7:35 AM
What do you guys think about carbon handle bars? Do you use them?
Easton and KestrelDougSloan
Apr 3, 2003 7:50 AM
I have the Easton and the Kestrel. I like them both. Very stiff and light. They might take off a little road buzz, but's it's hard to isolate the bars as a factor.

Can't put aerobars on the Easton, but you can the Kestrel (not the SL).

They have very different bends, and one might be more comfortable to you than the other. The Kestrel is more rounded, and the Easton has some sharper bends, and I think not as much drop.

Comparing the Easton to my (aluminum) Prima 199 of about the same weight, the Easton is much stiffer.

The Easton has no cable grooves.

I prefer KestrelsBenR
Apr 4, 2003 12:15 PM
Doug does a good job outlining the differences. Here's my subjective opinion since I have also ridden both on the same bike.

The Eastons are very stiff for their weight but not stiff compared to heavy aluminum bars. Using the same stem, I thought the Kestrels absorbed a bit more vibration (although both were minimal - tires, tape, and fork probably play a larger role), fit my hands better, and were the stiffest bars I've ever tried. They were also ~30-40 grams heavier, but the fact that they came with dual cable grooves and allowed use of aerobars was a plus for someone running Campy and with only one bike for all races (aerobars). They are harder to find but also cost a bit less than the Eastons.

It really depends if you want to use aerobars and what positions your hands like. Eastons have more reach to the hoods, less drop, and sharper angles. Kestrels are more traditional shaped and non-anatomical. If you prefer the Kestrel positioning but are into lighter weight, don't want to use aerobars, and have money to burn, I'd check out the new Kestrel SL's.

Prima 199's are stiff for superlight aluminum but still flexier than either carbon bar, do take aerobars, smoother riding than either carbon bar (in my opinion), dual cable grooves, are much cheaper, and offer a 3rd type of hand positons. Very square, short reach to the heads, medium depth anatomical drops - nice bar for the price if it agrees with your hands. I've also used Ritchey WCS which is a slightly heavier and stiffer version of the primas, much less smooth but a better for bigger people or klutzes like me with less finesse. It's still not nearly as stiff as the Kestrels.
Definitely Yaepmf1
Apr 3, 2003 10:05 AM
My wife got me a set of Easton bars for Christmas. I really like these things. They're incredibly stiff. I also like the shape Easton has. There is a flat instead of bent area right in front of the hoods. Sometimes I have my hands in that area when I ride. These are really comfortable.

If you use aero bars (I don't), only the regular (not light) Kestrel bars will work.
Cinelli Ram...the Phantom
Apr 5, 2003 9:28 AM
The best thing out there. Works quite well, looks great. Best under 180lb rider IMO.
I have Easton carbon..Like themNASA Noddler
Apr 6, 2003 4:04 PM
They'd be perfect if they had the groove but it's not that much of a problem.

The squared off turn was a concern at first, but now I really like the way the bar feels on top. They have a flat feel that make them very comfortable to the palms of my hands.

I did have a small creak problem with a 3T stem (two bolt). I changes to a DEDA (four bolt) not a single crak since.
Used Easton & 3T 199Matt Britter
Apr 8, 2003 10:37 AM
I guess everyone has their own opinion on stiff. I just put 3T 199 on my bike and think that they are stiffer than the Easton carbon. Replaced (Easton) from a very minor RR crash that nicked the Eastons. I got two different opinions on replacement from different LBS, so I replaced them.

I base this (stiffness comment) on crit races, the flex in cornering and in the drops sprinting, 3T 199 were stiffer in both.

I can feel that the Eastons have less buzz during road training, actully it was the first think I noticed. I did just double wrap the tape from shifters to stem to see if it's going to make any vibration difference. I do like the fact the I can put clip on's on the 3T's, prefer the road (training) feel of the Eastons, and lastly like the race feel of the 3T's.

IMO the 3T I would purchase again over the Eastons