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Yet Another Wheelset Question(7 posts)

Yet Another Wheelset Questionxcmntgeek
Apr 2, 2003 8:27 PM
Here's my qualm: I'm getting a new bike [ that's always good ] and it is through a sponsorship deal [even better]. I have a choice of wheel sets. I can either get a pair of ksyriums, cosmos, or D/A hubs with open pro rims with DT spokes. Now, I don't get the bike for free so the ksyriums will cost more. Are they worth it? I already have a ultra light pair of wheels for hilly courses so I'm looking for a good crit wheel that I can also use for training.
from what I've seenniteschaos
Apr 3, 2003 5:58 AM
Ksyriums are bulletproof, but they won't be the lighest thing out there, and I've read the rims aren't that light, which could hurt you a little in a crit. I sometimes ride Ultegra to open pro rims with DT spokes, I have never ridden Ksyriums. If anything were to happen (and at 190 pounds riding 32 spoke wheels nothing has happened so far) it would take only minutes to fix a simple D/A hub and DT spoke combo. Then again, I've never seen any break a spoke on K's, just seems a little expensive to have 700 dollar training wheels.
from what I've seenxcmntgeek
Apr 3, 2003 7:31 AM
If it helps, I'm a smaller rider ( 5' 9") and only about 145lbs on race day.
hey, you're my sizejw25
Apr 3, 2003 7:50 AM
though I seem to have bulked up a little over the winter, so I'm at 150.
From the options you list, I'd stick with the D/A and Open Pros. They're fine for training, and I'd crit them in a second. They'll probably come with 14/15 DB spokes, but you could relace them with 14/17's for a little more weight savings.
Ksyriums are pretty, IMHO, but aren't that great - they're not light, not aero, and aren't repairable. At least not easily - you'd need to order a spoke kit in advance, and not lose the spoke wrenches.
Rim weight is heavier than an OP, as was mentioned. Since you need nipples and larger threaded sockets to hold them in place, weight goes up.
The Cosmos would be great trainers, but I wouldn't race them - they're a little heavy. There's a lot of wheel deals out there, though, so you could pick up a set of CXP21's laced to Tiagras or something for a $100, and have dedicated trainers. The D/A hubs will stand up to lots of miles, though, and OP's are pretty reliable.
re: Yet Another Wheelset QuestionCAAD5 Kid
Apr 3, 2003 8:24 AM
Having ridden all of the combos you're listing i'd choose the Krysiums over the rest. While perhaps not as light, my set has never had an issue. Yes, they do weigh more than D/A laced to a light weight rim however, they are dramatically stiffer and in my opinion easier to repair/ adjust. The hubs can be adjusted while the wheel is on the bike. Spare spokes are not readily avaiable, so what? Order a few spares be forewarned though, you probably won't need them.
re: Yet Another Wheelset QuestionkenyonCycleist
Apr 3, 2003 8:20 PM
i agree w/ last guy. plus u can pick up a new set for around 500 not 700
re: Yet Another Wheelset Questionjtsk
Apr 4, 2003 10:55 AM
I just upgraded from DA Open Pro to Ksyriums. The reason I changed was to find something more durable. I am a clydesdale (6'1" and 200-215 lbs depending on season) and was breaking spokes on my old wheels.

I only have a few hundred miles on the Ksyriums, but I love them so far. Much better feel than the OP's. They aren't as stiff as the OP's or as I expected, but they are still enough, but I don't race. I have them on a Trek OCLV 110 frame which is already stiff enough.

The Cosmos will definately be more durable and probably last longer, but the K's are much lighter and just as stiff.

Bottom line - Go woth the K's. I think they are worth the extra money.