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Michelin Megamium Road Tire(2 posts)

Michelin Megamium Road Tirekomatiite
Apr 2, 2003 5:53 PM
Anyone tried these? Nashbar has em for $30/tire. I am needing some new training tires that are gonna last through some miles. There are any reviews so thought id ask here. Any recommendations for a good tire (durable, long-lasting, good grip etc) for relatively cheap (~$30); I know, this is probably asking too much.
Me, too.jw25
Apr 3, 2003 8:00 AM
I saw those, but info's scant at the moment. From the weight, they're probably belted with a thicker tread. If they use a similar tread compound as the Pro Race, I think they'd be great.
For the price, though, I have to pimp the Michelin Hi Lite Prestige from Performance. Usually go on sale for $20 or so, folding, kind of loud tread color, but they wear like iron and don't cut easily. The ride's similar to an Axial Pro, and they may be the same thing, in different colors.
I actually did a few races on them a few years back, and the tires certainly didn't hold me back.
Other nice trainers are the Panaracer Stradius Elite. Fast-rolling, good grip, and pretty long wearing. Also available cheap if you look around - try
Another bulletproof tire for me has been the Rubino Pro. I run a pair of 20mm's as TT trainers (yep, I'm that anal about equipment), and I know I've hit broken glass a few times. Hasn't even marked the tire, and the rear show's no wear after around 350 miles. If I didn't have so many tires, I'd snag a set in 23 for general training. I see them all the time for about $50 a pair shipped on Ebay, but shop around, there's bound to be deals somewhere.