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Bars: Advice and Terminology Explained Please...(3 posts)

Bars: Advice and Terminology Explained Please...serbski
Apr 1, 2003 6:11 PM
I am currently in the midst of total bar-swapping confusion/indecision and thought that if I understood some terminology it might help me a bit. In the spec's of various bars they mention "reach" and "drop" which are terms with which I am familiar in the context of "one's reach" or the "drop from saddle to bars" but when applied strictly to bars I'm confused. For example, the Deda 215 Anatomical has a reach of 111mm and a drop of 167mm, just how/from where are they measuring these distances? By the way, I've switched from 3T "Start" (not bad, a little deep for me) to Ritchey BioMax (comfortable, 'interesting' bend in the drops, WAY shallow but they looked like a cyclocross Frankenstein's Monster on my LOOK and actually made me flinch whenever I glanced at my bike) to, for now, Deda 215 Anatomicals which I fear are almost the same as the original 3T's!!! Are the "shallow" traditional bend 215's *that* different from "anatomicals" in terms of, here are those terms again, reach and drop? I was hoping to lessen the distance to the drops a bit without having to flip my stem or anything of that nature (though it'd be a lot easier/cheaper than swapping bars in retrospect). I know, I should just grin and bear it, flip the stem or add a spacer but now this has turned into an obsessive *quest*. Any info would be appreciated.
Some answersNessism
Apr 1, 2003 7:00 PM
Bars, much like frames, are measured in different ways. The most common way to measure is from one outside edge to the oposite outside edge, denoted as outside to outside or O-O. The other way is center to center or C-C.

Check out the Dedacciai website and check out the diagrams for more details.

re: Bars: Advice and Terminology Explained Please...KEN2
Apr 2, 2003 9:30 AM
"Reach" is the distance from the inside edge of the bar top to the vertical plane of the furthest forward extension of the bars. "Drop" refers to the distance between the top of the bars to the bottom of the drops. Sometimes these measurements are center-to-center, sometimes outside-to-outside.

If you're looking for shallower drop, I suggest the Salsa Short 'n Shallow, or the Poco. See them at