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What is the best tire?(10 posts)

What is the best tire?phatboy
Mar 31, 2003 10:13 PM
I am looking for a fast liteweight tire, but my biggest priority is reliability. I want to go on some long distance tours, and not worry about flats. is there a tire that is known for this?
tough combo!ekdave
Apr 1, 2003 5:52 AM
tubular - Continental Competition 22 (GP 240) 5 layers of fine belts. The gold standard of puncture protection and perormance.

Clincher - Continental Grand Prix 4-season. Has extra sidewall protection, lots of fine belting for puncture protection, great mileage. Special tread compound for all weather.

BUT - you will pay big time $ for these tires.

I dont use them (too much $) but If I wanted the best at any cost, I would look no place else.
Disagree on the GP4boneman
Apr 2, 2003 12:40 AM
There's a lot of hype regarding this tire which I've used since it was introduced early last year in the UK. I don't find them, despite the claims, to be particularly puncture resistance compared to other tires. Further, the special compound claim is rubbish. I ride everyday in damp/wet conditions of London and the tire is downright dangerous.

For a reasonably lightweight tire with good resistance to punctures combined with good ride quality, try Schwalbe Neo Pro Blizzards. I've ridden over 10,000 miles on these tires and find them to be the best compromise.
Disagree on the GP4DINOSAUR
Apr 4, 2003 9:09 AM
I've had good luck with the 4-Seasons. I don't think that there are any tires that are actually "puncture resistant". The 4-Seasons seem to wear better than the GP3000's and they don't square off. I've ridden in the rain with them and they handle excellent. I did blow a sidewall on a rear GP4, but close examination appears that the sidewall was cut. I am always looking for "the best tire" and I havn't found one yet. In a perfect world I'd start off the month with a new set off tires and scrap the old ones. Tires are up there with saddles and pedals, it's whatever works for you...
I spoke too soon...DINOSAUR
Apr 4, 2003 1:13 PM
I just mounted new tires (Victoria Rubino Pros) and pulled off the rear Conti 4-Season and was going to move it onto my second bike. I noticed that the sidewall had a slight tear, very hard to see unless you are in very bright light. As noted in my above post, I blew out a sidewall about 2 weeks ago. I thought it was a fluke. The sidewalls are noted to be resistant from cuts and tears, but I found the opposite. As luck would have it, I almost purchased two new 4-Seasons, but the price on the Victoria's looked more inviting. For what it's worth, I'm staying clear of the 4-Seasons from now on........
can you buy from bike mine?phatboy
Apr 2, 2003 10:34 AM
they told me they are wholesale dist. only. are you a dealer that can buy from them?
Not sure - Im not a dealer. Not hard to find them though.ekdave
Apr 2, 2003 11:10 AM
They're not lightweight.....Tower
Apr 1, 2003 9:47 AM
but they are reliable. Zero flats in over 2,000 miles on the Nimbus MTB version.

Specialized Turbo Armadillo.
re: What is the best tire?ukiahb
Apr 1, 2003 10:13 AM
I usually get a fair number of flats since I'm about 200 lbs., but have only had one so far in 1300 miles on the Michelin Pro Race tires I'm currently running, and that was from a staple that probably would have punctured any tire...normally I would have had a few by now. They aren't cheap and don't last forever, but the ride is excellent. Many people here have also recommended Michelin Axial Carbon tires, plan to try them next as they are less expensive and longer lasting.
I agreeBenR
Apr 1, 2003 3:13 PM
I've been using michelin pro race tires since last july and they are very smooth and seem to have extremely long life for a racing tire. I ride everyday and still have my original rear tire on the front wheel of my training bike and can't seem to wear off the remaining tread or cause a flat. I've also only had one flat after riding virtually everyday - could be luck, could be the tires.

Subjective opinion compared to other tires I've tried:
1. They are like a really good Vittoria open corsa with longer mileage and better puncture protection

2. Conti Ultra 2000's last longer but aren't as smooth or puncture proof, and definitely heavier.

3. they are slightly better than GP3000's in all aspects, particularly smoothness. They are ~10 grams heavier than the Conti's but I couldn't tell the difference.

4. They don't have the mileage and puncture protection of Speciallized Armadillo's but offer superior performance.

You might also consider Continental orgiginal Grand Prix's. The folding version is lighter than a GP3000 and has the same puncture protection and ride characteristics with a different tread compound that is less sticky but seems to last forever. I don't know anything about Michelin Axial Carbons, heard they were rough riding but I'd be willing to try them based on the Pro Race model.