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New SpeedDeram Wheels-Any experience or advice please?(8 posts)

New SpeedDeram Wheels-Any experience or advice please?jjdbike
Mar 31, 2003 2:47 PM
Okay, So I know that the subject of wheels get beat to death here & Dave's Speed Dreams come up every now & again. But I am hopping for some input on Dave's new raod wheels (aerolight?). I know that advertieing, sponsership, & profit, etc, for big names like Mavic, Velocity, and Rolf, inflate prices. But can Dave's wheels be as light, aero, stiff, etc, for sooo much less $? Is his service/garentee good? Do they perform as well as he claims? Are their advantages to paying $300-$400 additional for buying the big brand names (other than zoot)?
Should I trust the claims?
I was always led to believe that if something seems too good to be trie, it usually is. Or is it?
Nothing fancy,TJeanloz
Mar 31, 2003 3:06 PM
Dave Thomas has effectively marketed what used to be a common skill -- wheelbuilding. There was a time when a lot of people were competent to build nice wheels from stock parts, now there are relatively few people with this competency. Dave has done a good job of cherry-picking good parts from a number of companies and building them into a strong, affordable wheelset.

Are his wheels as good as the best wheels on the market? No. Are they as good as almost every wheel on the market, including those which cost a lot more? Yes. His reputation is for great service, and he certainly knows what he's doing. I would say that his wheels are as good as any similar wheelset -- basically everything up to the carbon-rimmed category.
I've got a setpmf1
Apr 1, 2003 6:31 AM
I bought a set of Aerolights a couple of years ago. The price was $520 including shipping. Weight with skewers was 1435 grams. As TJ says, there is nothing exotic about them. He uses parts that can be bought from a variety of sources. Mine have Sapim bladed spokes, AC hubs and Velocity rims. You can't really do it much cheaper than he does and I found the build quality to be very good. I doubt I'd get my LBS to do an equivalent job.

I think they're a good value compared to $800 for a set of Ksyriums that weigh 200+ grams more. I also think that the Ksyriums are probably stronger wheels. I've abused mine and never had any problems.
Apr 1, 2003 7:17 AM
I must echo what PMF and TJean said. I'm starting my third season on my aerolights. As for service....nothing compares to Dave. About a year ago, I noticed that a couple of my eyelets on the rim showed tiny cracks. I called Dave on the premise that he would just reassure me that everything was OK. Nope. He had me send the wheel back to him for a replacement. Dave is always available to answer your questions.

Are they better than K's, Velomax, etc?? probably not. Are they as good? Definitely yes. Are they cheaper? yes. Are they readily repairable by Dave or you??? Yes. Would I reccommend them?? yes.

If you want a photo of them, let me know. I take a shot and post them on this board. My set are built up with black Sapim spokes, record rear hub, AC front hub weighing in at a whopping 1438 grams.
Apr 1, 2003 9:31 AM
Can you post a photo, or e-mail me one at

will doPaulCL
Apr 1, 2003 10:13 AM
I will post a photo this evening. I am at my office now and regrettfully, my bike is at home
Speedream photoPaulCL
Apr 2, 2003 7:03 PM
As you can see, I don't have tires mounted as yet. I use my open pro's until I drop to 185 form of early season incentive.

sorry...wouldn't upload tonight. I'll email you
Dave has gone to White Industry hubs.....koala
Apr 1, 2003 9:31 AM
and they are a little heavier. He indicated they weigh in the high 1400s compared to the old ones with A.C. hubs that were some 50-60 grams less. He said the White hubs are better designed.