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Newbie help with selecting a carbon fork(6 posts)

Newbie help with selecting a carbon forkacedloring
Mar 31, 2003 12:47 PM
I have a 2000 Specialized Allez Sport. I am looking into getting a carbon fork to replace the aluminum one that came with the bike. Having never used a carbon fork before I was hoping I could get some suggestions on a good entry level one. I am looking to spend around $100-200 as I only ride about 60 miles a week noncompetively. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
as always go to totalcycling.comthe bull
Mar 31, 2003 12:57 PM
They have a 2002 Look HCS3 all carbon fork in both sizes(1 and 1 1/8) for $155.00.That is a bargain.
How much is shipping?Nessism
Mar 31, 2003 1:13 PM
$155 price is for 2002 model. Unfortunately, on the Total Cycling web site they state "Currently we only have HSC3 forks with 45mm rake in the 2003 model - see below." When checking "below", they list a price of $192. Does anyone know how much shipping would be? Just wondering.

A better idea may be to go to

HSC 3 40 mm for $229 - no 45's available in 1.125".

not too bad!the bull
Mar 31, 2003 2:26 PM
depends on what it is there shipping.
Also the forks avalible have 40mm rake
Whats standard 43mm?
A 40mm would be a little stiffer and make bike steer a little quicker right?
not too bad!Jack9
Mar 31, 2003 10:26 PM
I purchased the 2002 HSC 3 fork a few weeks ago with 45mm rake. The 45mm rake will give you a slightly softer ride and less quick steering, a definite plus.
I ordered late Sunday Monday Ireland, and it arrived at my home in California Wednesday 11:00 AM. Total cost with shipping was $184.95 Visa charged me $3.66. They have a flat shipping rate now of $16.
Apr 1, 2003 7:33 AM
Contrary to what one might think, more rake makes for quicker steering. This is because as rake increases, trail decreases. Trail is the most important factor affecting steering.

Also, a 40 mm rake fork will ride slightly stiffer than a 45 but not enough to matter I think.