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Xaero Carbon SS question(1 post)

Xaero Carbon SS questionJwh445
Mar 31, 2003 9:36 AM
It is my understanding that the Spinergy PBO spokes are twice as strong, and twice as wide as normal spokes. Therefore, the xaero carbon w/ PBO spokes is a stronger wheel w/ the same # of spokes, but not as aero as the SS model made w/ bladed SS spokes. Both have 16 front, 20 rear. I am 145 lbs and ride about 400 miles a month. My thought is that I should put more emphasis on aero than strength and go with the SS model w/ normal bladed spokes rather than the fat PBOs. I am also considering Zipp 303 and Hed Alps. My formula for decision 60%(aero)+20%(weight)+20%(strength). Have heard the 404's make alot of noise. Any thoughts from the experts, trying to stay clincher?