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Cosmic Carbone - allround suitable?(7 posts)

Cosmic Carbone - allround suitable?anzoni
Mar 31, 2003 9:20 AM
I know this has been discussed a lot of times, but I'm trying to find out how an aerowheel like Carbone behaves in hills as well as on straight roads. I really want those wheels, but their weight is a little turnoff on the paper. For a recreational racer, can you feel the difference between them and a Ksyrium SL (which is my other choice, but doesn't compare in astethics)?
Another question is; I've tried a set of Bontrager X-Lites, and I feel you have to put somewhat more power to them keeping up speed in contradiction to a set of Shimano (535's). This may not be true, but are slightly heavier areowheels easier to maintain speed with than "climber/standard" wheels?
People who have tried both Carbone and Ksyrium; I'd be glad if you could tell me your main impressions of these wheels (comparison)? These wheels cost so much, so I guess that is a good reason to be well informed.
Thanks to all contributing!
I would avoid the Carbones,TJeanloz
Mar 31, 2003 9:58 AM
The Cosmic Carbone, in my mind, has only two possible applications: as the front wheel on a time trial bike, and as a set for a long, flat road race. The Carbone is basically an Open Pro rim, with few spokes, and a carbon fairing mounted all the way around. It's relatively fragile, a pain to true, and not light. At similar prices, a wheelset from Zipp (or other similar) provides much better performance. The Ksyrium SL is probably the best choice for an all-around pre-built wheelset.
I would avoid the Carbones,ParticleMan
Mar 31, 2003 10:58 PM
i was in the same situation as you, deciding on whether to get those wheels. However, i did a direct weighing of them...and they are heavy- more so than my open pro/record/dt wheels, to which i am sticking to for now. yes, they look great, but be warned that the decals can get smudged and scratched and not easily replaced. moreover..its not a real carbon wheel. its plastic laminate. there is no carbon weave at all, and if you press the rim, you see the plastic laminate on it. correct me anyone if i am wrong here.
so, you have to weight out the options and price. i dont think it is worth so much, unless you are a euro pro who can use it in most races like milan san remo,etc.
hope this helps.
re: Cosmic Carbone - allround suitable?kenyonCycleist
Mar 31, 2003 5:29 PM
forget the carbones...they are tanks....and such a rip off..i race on hed alps, which ar lighter than ksyriums, as aero as the carbone, and one of the few clincher wheelsets w/ a structural carbon fairing (i.e. u feel the dampening effects of carbon) for only $900.oo compare that to the carbones at ~$1200.oo

p.s. i have raced both wheel sets and hands down would choose the heds over the Hed is a US based operation meaning that if u have to warranty the wheels for any reason you will noy have to wait months to get them back
re: Cosmic Carbone - allround suitable?morency
Apr 1, 2003 3:11 AM
I use both wheelsets for training and racing.
cosmics are very aerodynamic due to their 60mm rimheight. The "plastic cover" as said by some people IS carbon, when you look really close you will see the carbon weave (just the same as you can see on Bontragers carbon wheelset); by the way carbon is a kind of plastic, isn't it?
Weight is an issue, when you use these wheels for climbing and races with a lot of cornering and high accelerations, then they are not very suited.
In rainy weather they "catch" a lot of water inside the rim, Mavic made a hole in the rim to let the water out, when you have been riding in rainy weather you must always remember to place the wheels with the holes downwards.
strength: I have been riding my cosmics for ±5000 miles without any truing; I have been riding them on all the hills of "de ronde van Vlaanderen" (just look on sunday, and you will see what I mean), so I would say they are solid
(I weigh in at 65Kg, I cannot speak for heavy riders).
comfort: not really good, like all aerodynamic wheels.
The stickers can be dammagded but don't come of easily.
Ksyriums: lower weight is what you gain, great for climbing and fast accelerations but not so aerodynamic. One negative point is that the stickers on the sides come off easily.
If you are in to racing at speeds over 40 Km/H or you simply like the looks of them, I would go for the Cosmics; If you are a recreational rider, I would go for the Ksyriums.
Carbon is not plasticDan Q
Apr 1, 2003 2:47 PM
Just wanted to let you know that carbon is definately not plastic. The resin matrix material around the fibers is a polymer (plastic) but the fibers are not.
re: Cosmic Carbone - allround suitable?anzoni
Apr 2, 2003 2:17 AM
Thanks for a very good reply! Looks like Iæm going for the Ksyriums in the first place and save the money to buy a set of Carbones in the future.