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hub tech/maintenace question(1 post)

hub tech/maintenace questionseyboro
Mar 30, 2003 5:26 PM
I have recently purchased a new set of Zipp 404 Clydesdale Edition wheels. After the first ride, I noticed a little play in the rear hub. Since the design is somewhat different from my previous hubs (adjustment and tightening lockrings are replaced by single axle end fittings), I called Zipp for some tech advice. I tightened it according to specs (red loctite and 88in/lbs), but play redeveloped after another 250 miles. The front hub is tight, no loosening after 300 miles.
Zipp customer service told me that some play should be noticeable with the wheel in the frame, but will disappear under load. Of course, that's a bit tricky to check while riding. Questions arise:
1. Should there ever be any play in any hub?
2. Will bearings 'load themselves'?
3. Should I just send the wheel back for a checkup?
Your educated thoughts are much appreciated.